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Collagen VS Level-1 Protein

Roberta age 62 with collagen, joint mobility antioxidant, and Full-Mega high epa/dha fish omega 3 deep sea fish oil
I'm a huge fan of improving my joint, bone, skin, and heart health!

OMG, I’ve been so overwhelmed with life right now. But I’m taking all my supplements and sticking to a super healthy nutrition plan (even if some days it’s slightly more healthy calories than I really wanted). No reason to stick my head in the sand, get up, brush off, and keep going with the healthy choices. I’m still waiting patiently for my spine to fuse, and am required to keep my back still for that as often as possible, yet I’m trying to help Randy with the disasters we have going as much as possible. On top of that we lost a kitty and also a precious friend. It makes us realize how precious each moment of every day is! We must take care of ourselves.

Q: “Hi Roberta, can I use Collagen as a meal replacement?” 🤔

A: No, and here is why….

Collagen is considered a protein YES but is not a (COMPLETE PROTEIN SOURCE). In order for it to be considered a complete source, it has to have all 9 essential amino acids. They must all be present to build and maintain lean muscle tissue. Roughly want 90% of all protein to come from complete protein to help preserve and maintain lean muscle!


is found in every single joint, tendon, bone, and ligament in the body… and is crucial to strengthening and keeping all those tissues healthy! Not only that, but it also helps support our skin health, and nail strength … among many other things!

Our is a Low Temperature Processed Hydrolyzed Collagen powder that is high quality and bioavailable! We sourced 5 different types of Collagens from 5 different sources to provide you with the most diverse amino acid profile.

+ contains 50mg per serving of Dermaval™. Dermaval™ is a revolutionary phytonutrient-rich complex that increases and helps maintain healthy levels of elastin in the body.

* Collagen is great at building structure, while elastin is responsible for elasticity and firmness of the skin.

All of these are great, and it is a great thing to add in your daily regimen to continue as collagen decreases with age!


Sustained Assimilation Protein (mimics the digestion of a whole food protein source)

Contains all 9 essential amino acids per scoop

Low Temperature Processed

Bioavailable: meaning it also mixes well, sits good on the stomach, not clumpy or chalky

Great for meal replacement shakes on the go

Baking (cakes, ice creams, macro friendly desserts of ALL kinds, etc.)

Helps hit protein goal ✅


Can I count Collagen to help me hit my protein goals?

You can count ONLY 1 scoop of collagen to count yes! Stick to only having one serving a day!

So, Level-1 is a complete protein source to help me hit my protein goals and Collagen helps me with healthier H, S, N, and strengthening of my bones and joints?


Hope this helped to break down the difference for you guys and give you a better insight on collagen!

If you guys ever have any questions about Level-1 or Collagen, or using others, and have questions about how to effectively take that, please don't ever hesitate to reach out and let me know!

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