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Challenge Deadline Today

The deadline is today at midnight Central Time.

I'm excited for the people who just joined, and those who joined again and keep trying. It reminds me of the post Jenia made in our private forum last night, about Wile E Coyote. He fails and he keeps going anyway. It made me laugh. I don't know about you, but we need to laugh when we can during these rough times. Our posts in the forum help me so much!

You are welcome to join the forum, but if I don't know you and you don't answer my email asking who you are, well, as some have found out the request gets rejected. I'm not about having huge numbers, I'm about connecting with real people and keeping the forum safe! If you want to lurk at people like they are a zoo exhibit there is still plenty of that out on social media I'm sure, although since I'm not there I don't have to see that or be a part of it.

Back to the challenge and not giving up...

Weight loss not linear

Ever feel like you are spinning your wheels, not making progress, starting over and over? So does my friend Bob. See is weight graph there? See, he's like Wile E Coyote and he's not giving up!! I'm keeping him in the game, year after year.

Look, no one is perfect at this. I fluctuate too, but my cycles are smaller because I just get on it sooner. I've made paying attention to what I eat a lifestyle, as well as continuing to exercise even when some of the doors close on me.

age 60 female weight loss fitness

So yeah, I took my picture again yesterday. Day 283 of this year for me. I have taken my pictures every Sunday all year, starting on January 1st.

I know I look fine, everyone tells me that. But I could lose a few pounds before possibly having surgery on my lower back. It's that last bit that's okay to keep, but okay to lose if you want. It's hard to lose expecially for females, but I've done it before, and I can do it again. I need the support of my team. So, if you are on my team I hope you will help me the same way I'll help you. Right now many help me in the forum, which costs nothing except a small effort to type something and kindness.

Today is the last day to enter the last eight week challenge of the year.

Age 60 fitness challenge weight loss

All you have to do is submit your pictures in the App. There is a camera in there, with a timer and markers in the screen to show you where to put your head and feet, and it automatically puts the day and date like in my pictures.

The pictures are private between you and me. Just because you take pictures doesn't mean you have to be in the challenge.

I help people whether they want to be in the challenge or not, all year. I don't care about the seasons when it comes to health. I paid attention to what I ate when I had covid, and I'll do the same if I have back surgury and 6 months of recovery.

I don't put my health on hold. I never understood it when people say they will do the nutrition and fitness later, after whatever, and put it on hold. What? This is when you need it most. Even if you can't move, you can lose weight with good nutrition. You can maintain with good nutrition. Putting nutrition on hold only makes matters worse.

Since when did waiting to focus on nutrition ever help anyone?

There is always a problem to solve. I've written about that in my posts the last few years, over and over. Once we accept the fact that the day won't be perfect, and things will go wrong, we can be ready to deal with problems. If we have a perfect day, then great, enjoy it. But chances are a day goes perfect because you solved some problem to make it so.

If anyone wants in the challenge, join me here. Send me a message.

And if you don't want the challenge but just want help all year no matter what the season, including NOW, join me here too.

That's what we do. Solve the problems all year, and we can have better luck than Wile E Coyte and stop getting smashed like a pancake!

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