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Calories or Protein?

protein waffle recipe

Today in the 1st Phorm App someone asked me a question, and it was a great question:

What's the next best thing if you can't get enough protein, yet can keep your caloires at a deficit, calories or protein?

The truth is, there is no next best thing. There is door number one and door number two, you either get enough protein along with a calorie deficit or you don't. There is no door number three.

When we were younger, we could get away with just lowering calories even if it wasn't healthy. The body fat would drop. It never really served us well though, because it always came back, and our health didn't improve unless we got all the micro and macro nutrients we needed along with the correct portions of food. If we don't learn to do this, we don't get our best health. That's just the way it is.

If we don't get enough protein, then the body won't have what it needs to overcome anabolic resistance. Like it or not, as we age our body develops anabolic resistance. That is why just lowering calories just doesn't work.

When we get enough protein per meal, and per day, then we overcome anabolic resistance, but we won't lose body fat unless there is ALSO a calorie deficit. There must be both of those, for the process to work.

There is only do it, or not do it. Get the results you want, or not.

It's just as hard for me. The body fat won't drop unless I do it too. It's frustrating as all heck for me too. There is only do it, or not do it. If you find you can't do it, then accept the fact that your won't get the results you want.

There are people doing it! One of my friends in the App sent me a picture of her protein waffles. The macros are in the picture and the ingredient amounts are:

6 egg whites

1/4 scoop level-1 vanilla ice cream

1/2 scoop of collagen with dermaval (I like the salted caramel best)

1 teaspoon almond flour

optional, a little organic stevia for those of us with a sweet tooth.

If you add a half a tablespoon of butter, melted and poured on top, that adds 51 calories and 6g fat. Sometimes we need that too! The body needs 40 grams of healthy fat to function properly, which includes hormone production and fat loss!

I know, everyone thought it was just caloires for so long. It doesn't have to be complicated, just a few guidelines with a calorie cap, and it works. It does take planning. Winging it doesn't work.

PS If you want to get the protein from my link (free shipping) just message me.

And if you would like to join me in the App, message me as well and we can get started.

Let's DO IT! (with more meaning!)

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