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But my problem is I love food!

box of popcorn at sunset

People truly believe their excess weight is the result of some kind of character flaw, such as low willpower or an unusual fondness for food.

They also might think are addicted to food in general, or more commonly to carbs or sugar.

This is not a character flaw, just about everyone loves food. You are not the only one. Even fit people who have found a way to lose weight or manage their weight love food too.

First, we need to stop acting like we really know what the problem. We assume the problem is that we love food, but likely it is not.

And we can change what we eat for breakfast or any meal and learn to love something we changed to make our health better. We adapt to other good things. I have learned to love the comfort of a savory soup for breakfast, or a sweet protein pancake.

Everytime we eat an excessive amount or something that we for some reason regret, we need to think about the problem and solve it a little more logically. Ask ourselves what, when, where, why, how?

Just saying that it's because we love food is not solving anything and also not anything special or unique.

Rather than beating ourselves up for eating that cookie or eating out instead of the lunch we took the effort to pack, let's ask some questions.

When was my last meal?

Was I frustrated with a situation at work and looking for something comforting?

Did I eat so fast that made it hard to know when I was full?

Was I overly hungry when I finally ate?

Was the food I packed so dreadful that I went out for pizza instead?