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Breaking the Stress Eating barrier

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The benefit of a deadline is it creates a sense of urgency to get something done.

Yesterday I decided to do a 20 hour fast. I picked the number because 3pm felt like a realistic goal for me. I counted the hours since I last ate, realized it was 20 hours, and made it my goal for the day.

It was really hard. I felt like I was going to die a few times! It's so uncomfortable, right?

But I ate way over my TDEE the day before and I have developed this strange habit of feeling like I need to eat at every single ounce of stress in my life.

That's not going to end well if I stay on that track.

Every time I wanted to give up on that 20 hour goal, I'd drink a glass of water, or get a cup of tea and had back to my computer to chip away on my college assignments. I had little mini deadlines that I had set for the day to get those done as well.

In waves, I'd get caught up in my work and I'd forget about my hunger, other times I felt miserable, but I forged ahead on my work and staying focused on my goals.

I even did a little food prep and didn't take a bite while putting the food away, which I feel I haven't done in years! I was determined to meet my fasting goal for the day.

Once I reached the 20 hour mark I actually felt like I wanted to keep going with the fast, but I made myself a normal meal and felt so full after eating. I didn't want to keep eating like I seem to always want to do lately.

The thing is, our body can adapt to too much food, and it can adapt to too little food. It can also adapt to just the right amount of food.

So that's part of the trick with fasting, is that it can fool you. You can adapt and keep going too much, you know, like too much of a good thing and then it's not good anymore.

My goal was 20 hours and I achieved my objective. I'm not falling into the trap of "more is better."

I have also been inspired by one of my TransPhormer's Kim:

before and after body transformation

She's been doing 24 hour fasts once a month with her church. Although the objective is different for a spiritual fast, the benefits overlap to her mindset with eating and hunger. She sticks to her plan and even creates an opportunity to make and enjoy Lava Cakes for family celebrations now and then.

Kim is a ROCK STAR!

By now most of us have heard of SMART goals right?


S and M stand for specific and measurable, and usually the remaining letters stand for achievable or attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Objectives can change according to what your actual goal is. My objective for the 20 hour fast, was the 20 hour fast itself, and the goal was to break the barrier I was having with "I can't" and stress eating that was taking me down an unhealthy path.

It worked! I achieved my objective.

I think a fast like that can help break the "I can't" barrier. Many years ago in regards fasting, I would say "I can't." Then I proved that I could do it, although at first I did think "This is not for me!", I did finally adapt.

The truth is, except in rare cases with health issues, we haven't broken through the barrier of feeling uncomfortable and the lies in our own heads.

Now, I'm not saying that fasting is the fix for everything. It's a tool that can be used on occassion. I've seen first hand how fasting too often and eating calories too far under a person's TDEE has very adverse consequences that does not help very many people in the long run.

"Not eating" is not a plan. We all have to make a realistic SMART plan that fits in with the big scheme of our best health while achieving our goals.

socks fitness sweat smile repeat

When I meet my college assignment goals for the day I like to reward myself with a spin on my spin bike! 🚲

My goal today is to complete my homework assignments and remind myself I've proved I don't have to eat every time I get stressed or frustrated. It's okay to just wait until my planned out meals which are set out for my best health.

If I get my work done in time, I might get the reward of a workout and going to a bonfire with friends this fine Friday night.🔥

Speaking of DEADLINES; Do not forget to get your final progress pictures in for this first eight week challenge of the year. The deadline to submit your pictures is this coming Sunday.

The challege actually goes on all year in the My TransPhormation App. Join me there and let's keep going all year. Every day counts, and every week that you take your pictures counts. It's a mini SMART goal to take your pictures and complete your tasks. It helps you break your own barriers with everything involved with your health and fitness. It overlaps into everything in your life, and it empowers you. Just like Kim, she's the only one who can really do it for herself. I can't do it for her, but I'm happy to walk by her side in the app and help her to keep going all year.

What are your goals today?


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