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Belief in your Success

85 pound fat loss transformation white bikini


“Roberta, how do I see results? “

“Roberta, how do I get back to the results I had?”

“Roberta, can we decrease my macros, I haven’t been consistent?”

“Roberta, I can’t do this, it is not working.”

“Roberta, I gain weight faster than everyone else.”

“Roberta, I cannot lose weight.”

“Roberta, how do I do what you did?”




I'm there to help you solve the problem and hold you accountable in the 1st Phorm App, all you have to do is meet me half way. I'm doing this WITH you. There are friends in the private forum, ready to read and respond to your posts, your stories, your questions, and cheer you along the way.

When I was losing 85 pounds over three years in my early 50’s, over a decade ago now, I weighed myself every morning. I didn’t have anyone helping me. I had not yet gone to college to study nutrition and fitness. I looked at all the diets I’d done and dissected the few that really worked, even if temporarily.

I found that those that worked had portion control and that I felt hunger. I couldn’t eat in between meals, I had to stick to the plan. But they were very restrictive and I’d last a week or two and go crazy and binge out on things I was deprived of, usually involving sugar, carbs, and high fat. Every time I binged, my body weight went up and I’d lose all my ground. I got mad when that happened over and over. It felt impossible.

I learned to plan in some treats and not deprive myself, yet still keep portion control. If I wanted a cookie, I gave up my carbs for a meal that day. I made sure to eat good protein and veggies every day. I learned to fast in between meal and in the evenings when I’d eaten all my portions for the day. I learned that it was uncomfortable and I would feel hunger. I had to embrace it, knowing the only way to achieve my goal was to stick with the nutrition plan.

I learned from my failures. Every time I failed and got discouraged, I thought of something to change. Sometimes I didn’t stick to the plan or new change, and I just had to fail a few more times before I got so mad that I found a way to make it happen. Sometimes that meant saying NO to people I loved, about whatever it was that was not helping me stick to the plan. I had to become obsessed about it. Some people won’t like that one bit. So be it. I have to live in my life, in my body, and with the physical health issues and whatever emotions torment me about it. No one else can live my life, and I can’t let them own it. I must own it. I must solve the problems.

I learned to love workouts at the gym, and I embraced them as well. Often, I had to drag my feet to get myself there, but I always felt better once I got going. I loved the feeling of getting my heart rate up and listening to my favorite playlist, sometimes it was like a dance. I began to love how my body felt when I got stronger. I enjoyed what it did for my life all day long, and how I was able to do things physically. It was very empowering. I loved the workouts I had invested in and the variety it gave me, always asking myself “What do I GET to do today?”

I still feel that way now after being nearly crippled for a few years before I got my hip replacements and got my broken back fixed.

Every day is a gift. Every day I get to eat is a blessing, whatever the portions. Every day I get to lift weights, hike, walk, swim, or ride a bike is a tremendous gift. I will never forget. I will never take these things for granted.

But yet, it’s still hard for me even now. I want to eat all the things as much as the next person. I don’t have any special discipline. I have to get mad when I fail, and I have to keep solving the ever-changing problems in my life.

It makes me realize, solving problems is the key. Embrace the fact that you’ll have to solve one problem after the next. Enjoy the little breaks. Enjoy progress when it comes. Know that you’ll have another problem to solve. Keep going.

Who told you everything in life comes easy?

Remember the daily habits, consistency, discipline, our game plan IS WHAT DRIVES ANY RESULTS.



- Track Your Food

- Hit Calories and Protein 🔥

- Drink Your Water 💦

- Move your body/weight resistance train🏋️

🚶🏽Walk for 45 minutes, 7 days a week

- Prioritize sleep💤

We don’t Yo-Yo, we work on daily habits to help make the behaviors like second nature.

If you want to build an amazing future for yourself, first take a look in the mirror and ask yourself are you doing everything in your power to get yourself there?


- Due every week. Just do it!


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- Believing in your Success

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