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As the world swirls...

60 year old abs in mirror selfie

It seems unfair that the world keeps spinning around us as we deal with tragedies.

But that's how it goes, the fat cells and muscle fibers don't care what day it is or what is going on in the world.

Like my PT has told me with my "degenerative disc disease, bony spurring, anterolisthesis, pars defects, and multilevel spondylosis" I have to manage it. It's not going away and the world isn't going to stop turning while we deal with whatever we have to deal with.

We don't have to be perfect, but if you are looking for that scale to go down it's all about your food in a 24 hour period, extended out 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, and finally 90 days. You need a block of 90 days with all "treats" absolutely planned out and measured out on a TDEE day.

That's just how it it is. It doesn't matter what else is going on. There is only door number one and door number two. There is no door number three. You either do it or you don't.

There will be those moments when you feel so miserable that you think you don't care about what you want, you just want the food.

That is where the rubber hits the road. Plan ahead for those moments. Don't wait for those moments to happen and then react, because we all react with eating the ice cream or whatever it is in front of you, tempting you.

Think ahead. Plan ahead. You know the temptation and mood will be there.

What are YOU going to do to fix that situation? No one can do it for you, and likely no one will be there to talk you out of it. It's up to you. The forum is a great place to tell the story and get support, but in the moment, it's you.

Will you have symbols and reminders, notes in your pockets, calenders with stickers, chants and sayings? That is all up to you to create your vision board.

Yesterday I had an early PT appointment, then I had other appointments, errands, a workout to do, and Sheriff training until late at night.

I had to scramble in the morning and think ahead. I packed all the food I would need for the day, perfectly measured and planned out.

Food drink and vitamins on vehicle dashboard

I felt like I moved into my car, with all my changes of clothes, food, coffee, and tea in thermos in a box. I do best when it's all in a box like that. I focus on the fact that it's everything I need for the day. Nothing more, nothing less. All I have to do is pace it out and try not to eat two meals at once so that I can have some later and then feel best at the end of the day. I sleep better.

I fell asleep knowing I accomplished my food goal among other goals. The food goal is the hardest!

I'm 60, and the guys at the department tease me about lying about my age. But I told them I FEEL my age in so many ways, my bones for sure. The clock is ticking. At the same time, they had their cookies and I had my thermos of soup which they said smelled amazing.

Honestly, my bones were really hurting and they said I looked amazing. But the clues are there. I'm still eating my soup and they are still eating their cookies.

A couple things I'm doing that are helping my joints are the Full-Mega Fish oil and the Joint Mobility, both from 1st Phorm.

As I was thinking about how those help me with my joint issues, I also remembered that the Full-Mega helps me keep those abs and the tummy body fat down.

How? The balance between Omega-3 and Omega-6 in our body. Not only do we need to reduce the Omega-6 foods, but we need to increase Omega-3. Specifically it's the DHA (600mg) and EPA (900mg) that reduces the stress response (elevated cortisol) that leads to fat growth in the mid section. Yes, it's taking the Full-Mega on a consistent daily basis that helps with reducing belly fat!

Yes, you can get almost the same DHA and EPA if you eat salmon three times a week. That's not going to happen in my life. Not only is the cost the same, it's more time consuming, messy, and I don't feel like eating a fatty fish that often. It's harder to keep my calories in check that way as well.

It doesn't matter what's fair and what's not fair. You are living in your body and in your life.

What will you do to make that what you want? It won't happen by watching. It only happens by digging in and solving the problems and doing it.

Just a little every day.

You know I'm here if you need anything or just want to say Hi and check in.


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