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Are you "Still The Same"? 🎶🎶🎶

Like the song by Bob Seger. In many ways, the process is "Still the Same", and we "Feel the Same" as we've always felt.

We tend to brush away the fact that we are leaner, stronger, and our health markers are better. Over time, the glitter of the new feeling of weight loss and the new person we become fades.

But, the process for me now, just as it was 15 years ago, it's still the same. Our weight still creeps up. We still have to reign it in. It's still hard. It still feels like watching paint dry.

The process is still the same.

It doesn't matter how we feel about it.

If you need to focus on one thing, let it be tracking the amount of protein and calories you eat daily. Enter it in a spreadsheet and track it for 60-90 days and look at the graph often. You are where you are because of that last 90 days.

Be honest about measuring and tracking, or else the data is useless.

If the data is truly accurate, you are a result of what you have done during those 90 days.

Your superbowl eating last weekend or whenever or whatever that was, will set you back one to two weeks. Depending on what you ate and how much, maybe more.

It's easy to say "Oh it wasn't that much" but that's just a feeling, not a fact, because you didn't actually measure every ingredient and track every crumb. You don't know the facts. You only know what it felt like, which is far from facts.

My friend Kim here, who is doing her assessments in the My TransPhormation App and staying in contact with me, is proving it. Her pictures show it!

And the graph of her body weight over time shows the trend over time, although it does not "feel" like anything is happening to Kim.

Today she said:

She doesn't "feel" like she is making progress, but the results over time show that she is, both in her pictures and in her body weight trend over time.

Kim is tracking her protein and calories every single day in the My TransPhormation App where I can see it. She is making a plan, she is executing the plan. She is taking her micronutrients every day too. She is drinking her water, and she is doing her best with sleep in spite of mid life hormones.

She's not letting her excuses stop her. Yes, she has work. She has a family. She has too much to do and not enough time. She has stress. I love that she is not letting her hormones be an excuse. BTW many of my friends are getting help with their hormones with the Harmony product. It's a great product if you are looking for a little relief from those mood swings.

It's not your weight every day that matters. I just weighed in yesterday and my weight is the same as it's been for weeks now, yet my waist and hip measurements are down 1/2 inch and I look leaner in the pictures. If I didn't have this data, it's just my words and my feelings, which isn't always Just The Facts Ma'am.

What is just the facts? Your daily protein, calories, and micronutrients. The fact that we must limit the calories to lose weight means we won't get enough nutrients.

Heck, even when we eat over our TDEE we don't get enough nutrients. That's why I take the Micro Factor Micro Nutrient pack. It's not just a multi-vitamin, it's got everything I used to get for over $120 a month in a nice convienient little packet I can take with me on the go. It does effect my metabolism, how I feel, and my immune system. But I also have to make my meal plan every day and execute the plan.

Without a plan, there is nothing to execute. Without attempting to execute, there is no process to troubleshoot when I fail.

Do I fail? Heck yeah!

The trick is will you troubleshoot why you failed? Will you put your foot down with your family and friends about your food intake? Take the risk of being a little weird, even if they don't get it. Don't try to explain WHY you eat or don't eat this or that. Just say no to them. You don't owe any explainations. But you do owe it to yourself to make yourself healthy again.

Yes, on the caloire deficit, daily protein, and daily micronutrients. YES, IT'S THIS AGAIN. Yes, It's STILL THE SAME.

Many of you have told me in conversatioins that your weight is still the same. You know it's because of your not making your meal plan or executing a plan (because you don't even have a plan!) Or, maybe you have a plan but you just have not been following it for whatever reason.

So, you are still the same, and you know that not gaining is a huge win.

Yes, not gaining more weight is a freakin huge win. However, slowly losing body fat when it's needed is way more fun. The only way to do that is meal planning and meal prep. If you don't like that, then be happy with staying the same. Just the facts Ma'am. You gotta stick to the plan with no cheating. If you cheat a little, stop as soon as possible, sooner than you think you can. Save the day. Put half away for later. Drink water. Take a walk. Take a nap. The extra bites take everything away from what you wanted.

If you think it's hard now, trust me in that this will serve you well for the rest of your life. It's training. Training is STILL THE SAME.

It's the "Still The Same" process that will get you the results you want. It's mundane, boring, and it's just what you need.

Training is boring. We train for everything, and in the end it's just what we needed to succeed.

We train in law enforcement. We train in college for whatever degree or certification we are in the process of getting.

We train in martial arts, at the gym, when we train for a marathon.

We train!

If you want to visualize your training for losing body fat, enter your calories and protein in a spreadsheet. Enter it every sing day, accurately. Then look at the graph.

If you want an extra boost, make a check mark that you took all the needed micro nutrients every day as well.

And your water, and your sleep.

Keep looking at the graph. Keep tracking the data and entering it.

I promise you, getting your protein, calories, and micronutrients in check for real, every day like training for a marathon, you will get what you want.

If you need a place to start, it's calories and protein every day. Get one gram of protien per goal body weight in every day, and cap your caloires under your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and you will win.

Training will FEEL THE SAME, but it will make you have the results in which you will be different. That's where "Trusting the Process" comes in.

Don't worry about not "feeling it" just DO IT! Make your plan. Execute your plan. Troubleshoot when it's not working. Look at the 90 day calorie and protein graph often.

PS I help people all year long in the My TransPhormation App. You are welcome to join me there if you want the best tools available and accountability. Make sure I'm set as your advisor and send me a mesage asap so we can get started. Message me here in Nibbles Fitness if you have any questions.

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