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Are you keeping the promises to yourself?

When I spent three years losing 85 pounds with my own hand written meal plans, I had a picture of this dress from a magazine.

I promised myself that I would lose the weight and order the dress when I did.

I really wanted to be the fit looking healthy lady in the picture.

I kept the promise. Ten years later and I'm still keeping that promise. It's still hard work, but I just do it. Sure I have some hard days too, but I refuse to believe the lies that would say I can't keep it. I don't have special powers. I just get up and roll up my sleeves and doing it even though I'm grumpy as all heck and it doesn't seem fair.

Keeping promises is hard work.

Do you schedule the promises to yourself?

Why should you? Because you are not likely to keep them if you don't.

What is your motivation behind the promises to yourself?

Be honest with yourself about why you are committing to these promises.

What will you get out of keeping them. Do you really want this? If so, put up pictures and quotes everywhere to remind you how much you want this.

You can have it! Don't believe the lies in your head or from others that you can't.

Along with those symbols you replace everywere, write our print some quotes about believing you can do it.

Do not worry about what anyone else thinks about it. You don't owe explainations to anyone. This is for you. Keep your promise to you!

Most of us can't stand it when we have people in our life who commit to something and then bail out on us, right?

Don't be that person. Not to anyone else, and not to yourself either.

Be realistic. Consider your schedule, are these promises you can keep? Do you need to start trimming other things to fit these in? What is it that you really want? Remember?


Keeping promises is hard work.

Promises require us to step outside our comfort zone. They challege us to break harmful habits.

Actions speak louder than words. Keep promises are actions that affirm your love and being a good steward.

Schedule those actions which will enable you to keep those promises:

  • Schedule your meal prep

  • Schedule your workouts

  • Schedule moments to drink water

  • Schedule time to sleep

  • Schedule time to take your vitamins and supplements

Write down the promises and check them off every day. Be specific about daily tasks and weekly tasks and write down who, what, when where.

  • I promise to prep my food on Sunday

  • I promise to pack the food for my meal plan tonight

  • I promise to stay away from the snack table at work

  • I promise to drink 100 ounces of water

  • I promise to take my vitamins right after breakfast

  • I promise to exercise at 6pm

  • I promise to go to bed at 10pm

Get a monthly calendar and put a fun sticker on each day you keep your promises, or maybe just the one that is the hardest. Visualize yourself doing it, and start seeing the winning streak.

Get a nice notebook and start documenting your meal plans. A full day of meals on one page with the calories and macros at the top and beside each meal. Start collecting these pages. Make one page per week. These will be your tools for life for managing your weight.

Stay devoted to your promises and you can achieve anything!


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