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Are you just winging it?

The pattern I've seen lately with almost everyone who is attempting to log food as they go - It's not working.

You are winging it.

You don't really have a plan.

Especially with all the stress going on right now, none of us gets a free pass. It's an ugly situation no matter what side of the coin you are on.

When you are stressed, you tend to just eat without thinking, or in the moment you don't care and you think you will log it later.

Then you miss the mark, usually over, occasionally under, mostly over.

And every day you say "Today's a new day."

And then every day is a new day. Over and over. And yet you are still in the same spot in your new day.

It's happening to me too, so I'm back to making the plan in the app, then making a hard copy. That way, I've made a plan and I'm following the plan. I get grumpy and frustrated and I want to eat, but I look at the paper and see that no, I only have two meals left in the day and I want those later tonight.

It only takes a couple minutes to jot it down. In the picture there is the complete deficit meal plan for the day for a 1300 calorie day for me.

Adding the extra yummies to my hot drink for comfort in the morning adds up every time!

So then I keep going with whatever I'm working on.

I'm seeing a pattern, and I'm breaking out of it.

Every time I get frustrated because of all the stuff going on, or even just struggling with the problem solving of work, and health, and life ... I want to eat something. But seeing the plan, I know I can't right now, I can have something later.

It's not like I don't get to eat. And if I save it for later I get to eat later and I have a better evening.

My body weight tracks whether I'm sticking to the plan. The days I don't have a plan and I snack and eyeball portions, winging it without a plan - UP in weight.

When I stop winging it and actually stick to the plan, DOWN in weight.

Focus on the food scale and the body weight scale WILL GO DOWN.

The weekly tasks at the top of the App that need to be checked off every week by actually doing them is helping me.

I weigh in every day. Knowing my little notepad and pen on the counter by the scale helps me. I walk by it when I go upstairs and I see it, reminding me to stay on track with my plan.

That's right. The plan! You have to have the plan.

Every Friday I take my hip and waist measurements and write them on the notepad as well. My hip measurement has gone down half an inch since I started this.

Then I take my assessment which only takes a minute, and I take my pictures at that time with the assessment, then submit the pictures and assessment.

This is all holding me accountable. If I want my goals to be met, I must follow my plan.

If I don't have a plan, I have nothing to follow. That's winging it.

You spin your wheels when you wing it.

Who wants to stop winging it?

Me, me, pick me!!

Oh and today is THE LAST DAY to enter the challenge by simply taking your pictures.

If you want to join me in the app, well then let's do this. I respond to all messages within 24 hours, usually much sooner, sometimes almost real time if I can.

I'm ready to walk this journey with you. I'm tired of winging it too!


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