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Are you appreciating the miracles?

Right now I'm feeling like every workout is a miracle. Every day on track with the right calories and protein for my small size is a miracle.

It's a battle. Nearly every day is a battle.

Are you appreciating the miracles?

The people in the forum keep me going. Honestly, most days I wonder why do I keep posting my stories or my daily macros? Does it even matter to anyone?

It's especially hard in these dark times where loneliness and uncertainty creep in at every moment.

Yesterday I was on perfect track with food, it felt like a miracle. Whew! I did it.

It felt like a miracle when I finished my workout last night. That's me in the gym last night with my 'Merica top, praying for our country with all my heart and soul.

It's hard to imagine, why does it matter if I'm fit or not? Why do I even care? Why does anyone care?

But I pull myself out of those dark moods and keep going like a warrior.

I pull out my Bible and pray like a warrior.

I go to the gym and pray like a warrior.

And it certainly felt like a miracle that I stayed on perfect track with my food.

I didn't the day before that. I got into the mixed nuts, and less than a few ounces of that and my plan for the day was over my TDEE. It feels so unfair.

No one promised us that life would be fair.

No one promised us that life would be easy.

I will keep reminding myself that Jesus has my soul, so the sticks and stones of this world can't hurt me.

And God still wants me to be a good steward of my body, and the resources like food and water which are certainly little miracles every day.

The days ahead might remind us of just how important that miracle is, along with the warmth of a fire.


The Miracles

Right now I'm appreciating these miracle ladies who have recently posted in the forum. They are the reason I will keep going here on Nibbles Fitness. I'm in tears, because with everything going on in this crazy world, they help me to keep going with this.

Oh and the messages in the My Transphormation App keep me going too. I love hearing how people are doing; the good, the bad, the ugly. It's all part of our lives. Those people help me to keep going too.

Netty got her workout in. I needed to hear ab out it and I love seeing her picture. It makes me smile so much. It helps me not feel so alone.

And the recipes, oh the recipes...

This one's from Gina with love.

This one's from Shannon who is an awesome Vegan Chef.

This one's from Netty who's an awesome farmer who grows her own food.

This one's from Keturah who has had an incredible health journey which she has talked about on her blog inside the forum.

This one's from Joy who I've connected with a couple years ago and I'm just getting to know.

This one's from Angie who is kicking butt and measuring all her recipes an portions in grams and taking her pictures in the app, recording her food, doing her assessments, and weighing in and patiently waiting for good results which happen for those who do the process and trust in it.

Right now, these ladies are the miracles in my life and help me to keep going as I pray for our nation, trusting the miracle that Jesus has my heart, and nothing in the world can take that away.

Thank you my sweet friends, and those in the App who message me often, thank you as well. Let's keep fighting the good fight.

The fight still matters. Your health always matters. We all must keep going.


Nibbles Fitness

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