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April-May Halftime 🏈

Roberta age 61 fitness April 2022

The best teams I have ever been a part of do one thing at halftime; We remove emotion and objectively look at how we performed the first half.

I'm using April as the first Half and May as the second half.


April and May 2022

We have truthful conversation with ourselves.

We had success? Good. How can we replicate it to finish with a win?

We struggled? Good. How can we correct it to finish with a win?

We stayed the same? Good. How can we improve to finish with a win?

Right now, we are in one of those three categories. And the truth is, we can still get better.

No matter which category we are in, we can improve. One month is plenty of time to run the score up or get back on track.

But it starts with you. You have to figure out WHY you are at where you're at and then go from there.

Saying "weekends are hard" is not a reason.

Saying "weekends are hard because I have no plans for them" is a reason.

Good. Now, how do we come up with a plan? That is how you self assess. That is how you get better. That is how you finish with a win.

Let's take inventory of last month. And make the commitment to finish like champions.

There is no quitting on this team.



Me: I see the gaps in April, I have a nice clean slate for May. I don't get a star for May 1st, but I did have an eight week streak of stars the week prior. All I have to do is continue that, and put a plan into place to FIX why yesterday failed. The reasons I failed those gaps in April were similar, sometimes it was because I didn't get sleep and I had to take action to resolve that before it started working on the days that I did get stars (in the calendar pictures above.)

Why did it fail? Because I didn't make something clear to Randy on something I needed (for him to hide the packages of nuts, seeds, and cookies. This is how stupid yesterday was - I was mad because I ruined a very big batch of fresh cream trying to make butter. I had read that it can be made in a blender (instead of my nice KitchenAid stand mixer) plus my friends mentioned it was a quicker process. I should have just kept to my process that worked flawlessly!

I was impatient because it takes so long, and my friends said the blender would be quicker. My blender is a VitaMix and it made the cream hot, it didn't even turn to whipping cream. It over heated it and now it's just a cream that can just be cream. It is ruined. It can't be whipped into cream, and it won't separate into butter. It will need to be blended into things to be creamy.

It's too much cream to use up before it would go bad so I'll have to freeze it in little packets and only use it for blending. OMG, I was so mad! I walked into Randy's office and there were the Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds! Not only that but a package of delicious peanut butter cookies of which I had one as well as the nuts and seeds. I got into it! I went way over TDEE and it wasn't even a "binge." I didn't feel too full, but I had to fast the rest of the day avoiding the temptation to eat when I got hungry later.

I had enough energy in my body and I went outside (the first picture above) and cleared the quarter mile driveway with the leaf blower and it was fun! It made me feel better.

I had lots of water the rest of the day, a little bone broth and plain chicken broth, and just a little chicken so that I could take my evening medicine and supplements without getting a tummy ache.

Life goes on. It wasn't the first time, and it won't be the last time, but I'm determined to make the rest of May better!

I can't make it better by just saying "I'll do better." or "I'll try harder." That's not a plan.

The other action I'm taking is having a list of things I can do when I get emotional like with the failed cream:

Take a break, for for a walk, listen to one song, go to the prayer room and read a bible verse, drink a hot cup of tea, sit for a minute in the hot tub, go workout. Mainly, get the heck out of Dodge! Drink a big glass of water and get away from the kitchen. Get involved in the next chore (away from the kitchen or food), listen to a good podcast while doing it!



Remember the song lyrics? A little less talk and a lot more action...

I had seen the nuts and cookies on Randy's shelf weeks earlier but was busy and ignored it. I felt strong then. I didn't get into them. I wanted to tell Randy to hide them like I asked, but I didn't want to pester him.

Just now I went and told him for about the fifth time since yesterday to please hide them! I was respectful and polite, but let him know I really needed his help. I can't do this alone. I won't go snooping through his stuff, so if he hides them it will work. PS If I was alone, I wouldn't have any of that in the house. As much as nuts are "good for us" I can do without them at home. If it seems my body needs them, I can simply buy one little packet and have them while out and about and I don't need to keep them at home. Does this sound drastic, weird, unreasonable?

Well, these are the types of hard things we have to "think out of the box" on to attempt to solve the problems as to why we fail at things. Sometimes the attempt works, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it needs a tweak. The bottom line is that you must put something into action and give it a go if you want to succeed. You can't just say "tomorrow is a new day!" or "I'll do better tomorrow!" What specific action will you take to FIX the PROBLEM?

All successful people and teams fail far more than they succeed. Just ask. If the successful person is truthful, they will tell you this.

They take specific decisive action to fix the problem, they don't just say they'll do better next time.

Be ready to pick yourself up again, over and over and over.

See? There are no short cuts. We learn from trial and error. With nutrition plans and cheese making!!!

Nibbles Fitness

If you want to be part of my Nibbles Fitness Team in the 1st Phorm All-In-One Fitness App, you can! Be ready to step into action. I have expectations which I will remind you about daily inside the App - but you have to go there and read the daily messages. It takes ACTION!

If you want support and a community for free - join the Nibbles Fitness Forum where others write and support each other along their health and fitness journey.

If you want these blog updates and newsletters, then subscribe to this website for free.

Let's make this May AMAZING! It's a clean slate, a new beginning, and we can all take action to improve our own lives and keep becoming our best selves ever, for life!



Today I finally had success with making homemade cottage cheese from the fresh milk. While I failed with the butter making from this batch, the cottage cheese was a success.

homemade cottage cheese

But I had failed the previous attempts:

rubbery cottage cheese making attempt
Everything looked good until the end!

Previously it turned out rubbery. I had to try less rennet and that resolved it.

Salted Caramel Pudding made with blended cottage cheese

So this morning I had my delicious salted caramel pudding using the good batch of cottage cheese with a little of the liquid whey for moisture, a little stevia, and a scoop of the 1st Phorm collagen. I topped it with one measured tablespoon of pumpkin seeds which I had Randy get for me!

I've fallen in love with cottage cheese blended in the food processor like this.



31g Protein, 12g Carbs, 1g Fat, 1g Fiber, 182 calories.

But I believe in carbs and fats too! I'm at a point in my life where cholesterol is an issue, so I choose heart healthy options.

Roberta's avocado toast on Ezekiel bread

This is one slice of toasted Ezekiel 4:9 bread, topped with two ounces mashed avocado, four tablespoons raw organic sauerkraut, and two tablespoons spicy brown mustard.


6g Protein, 26g Carbs, 10g Fat, 9g Fiber, 201 calories.

This sets me up for a great successful day, well on my way to putting a star on day 2 of May.

I will VISULIZE success while I take ACTION to resolve the problems. I have my list of things to time out on when I get emotional. Randy has already hidden the cookies, seeds, and nuts for me and knows how important this is for me. He knows that all I do right now is to set myself for success with my recovery with my next hip replacement surgury on June 8th.

Tell me about your analysis and action plan!

Roberta - Nibbles Fitness

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