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Another Manic Monday!

Not really, it's peaceful and calm here. I just had my coffee with Randy as he prepared for a long day at work.

Work is a blessing, it puts food on the table and pays the bills, and helps you get health care!

Add to that, doing work you enjoy and it's your purpose.

That's Randy I'm talking about. I'm doing work I enjoy, but it's not putting food on the table, and that's okay for now.

Randy and I have been married over 30 years. It's a give and take. We've had seasons where one carried one load, while the other carry's another load. Sometime we switch.

Life is like that. We all have a load to carry, even if it's work we don't actually get paid for.

It's not always fair, it's not always pain free.

Part of me misses the days when I could post a bad ass picture on social media and write a bunch of bad ass yet truthful words, but I'll never go back to that world.

I'm here, preparing, and talking to people the old fashioned way. I'm far away from likes and attention. The people I get to talk to are real. I've adapted. I have a lot more moments of peace and reality.

No matter how much you say you can handle social media, and can tune out the noise, you won't know the full truth until you get completely away from it. I know. I said that too. I stepped away not because I could not get away from the noise, but because I sensed an evilness I choose not to be a part of any longer. I still believe this.

It doesn't matter to me what people think, or if they want continue over there, I know something that only those who aren't there as well know, and there are actually a few of us. We smile. We know. It's a sense of freedom.

Our troubles are not gone, and society has taken a weird turn. Randy and I experienced the weird drama this weekend. We were not surprised. But it's once again many problems to solve as they come up daily.

We all have to do that.

We don't have to be surprised, it's not pleasant, and we don't get to know the ending of the story.

It's much like the dystopian novels we've read or movies we've seen, except the ending won't be the same and we don't get to know the ending.

One thing is for certain, we all need to keep our critical thinking caps on and be ready. We need to put the emotions aside and look at the facts.

We won't really get to convince anyone to believe what we believe, but we must stand strong in what we believe, and build our team.

It's still Monday. We have to be warriors, and we have to continue to fight the good fight.

I will. And I'm here for those who have stood my me all this time. I stand by you too.

Choose what to care about and what not to care about. Some things are extremely trivial, let those go, it's more about emotion than logic. Put your critical thinking cap on.

Monday! Let's do it!


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