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Am I an Impostor?

Ever feel like you don't actually deserve your success and accomplishments?

Like you were just somehow lucky and stumbled into whatever it is, your job, your fitness, anything you became good at?

You think that the people around you are going to discover that you are a fraud.

That's such a lie!

It's called the Impostor Syndrome and about 70% of people experience this at some point in their life.

I felt this in my career at Hewlett-Packard back in the day. I have always been such a hard worker, consistent, I was always there. I think for me at that time it was because I grew up in a foster home.

I remember looking around at times, seeing others as having come from perfect families, and having skills from being given lessons when young and devolping skills with music, dance, sports, etc, and I never had those opportunities.

Yet I was successful, and I was even accomplishing things outside of work in my personal life like running marathons, jet ski races, and 5k and 10k runs. I was even starting to collect trophies, medals, and ribbons.

About 10 years ago after I'd spent three years losing 85 pounds, I definitely felt like an impostor. I still felt like I deserved to be the overweight and obsese women I'd grown used to being.

That was when I learned about this syndrome, and reflected back on my life at the other times I felt like I was a fraud.

And then with the fitness part, especially after becoming a coach, I sometimes feel like a fraud when I'm not perfect at nutrition and exercise.

How do we overcome this?

Well, there is no exact answer. It's good to talk about it with someone you trust.