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All I want for my 61st Birthday...

Delicious Pepperment Mocha protein smoothie

My birthday treat... I'll post the macros later inside the Forum, but super yummy protein treat to get my protein up to an anabolic level (to overcome anabolic resistance which hinders our ability to lose body fat and keep LBM as we age!!!), there is a formula for protein per meal (consumed within 30 minutes) -- who remembers what that is??? Message me if you remember. But of course anyone could scroll back in the 1st Phorm App and find the answer too, or ask and I'll always answer questions over and over and over. It's okay, it make me happy to do so. It makes me happy when I can help people learn and have these principles sink in.


If you to make the drink... the macros are easy to get in the 1st Phorm App.


1 cup of cashew milk, or whatever milk you want, or even water, 1 scoop of peppermint mocha collagen, 2 tablespoons level-1 peppermint bark, and a few ice cubes and blend. Yum!!! I used it to take my vitamin supplements (in the little expresso cup in the picture, which I use for that purpose)

Bacon, Egg, English Muffin and hash browns

It made me happy to make Randy this breakfast, on MY birthday, lol, because I love him! He is able to eat this and stay healthy because of what he eats the rest of the day. You can't judge by one meal, or one moment in time. You don't know what the rest of the 24 hours is like.

61 year old smile in mountains

What made me smile the most this 61st Birthday morning? This protein drink, in the new little personal size blender (the Vitamix is just too big!) and being able to vacuum the house with my new little cordless stick vacuum with a cup of coffee in the other hand, it made me smile so much. It's just too hard for me to push around a big corded vacuum with my bone-on-bone crumbling hips.

AND, those who have posted inside the Nibbles Fitness Forum, in the mobile Spaces App where the Nibbles-Fitness forum resides. The forum makes me happy, and I love it when people use it and post their stories there, like Jenia (pronounced Gina) who is journaling about her nutrition plan and little tidbits about her precious life. That's what helps keep me going and surviving my own big battles right now.

Nibbles Fitness Forum

For those who will ask for my links to those products (THANK YOU) send me a message if you get some and let me know what you think...

Peppermint Mocha Collagen

Peppermint Bark Protein

Workouts in the Nibbles Fitness Forum

I also deeply appreciate Mendy in there with her workout posts and seeing people support each other with the EPIC workouts. It warms my heart more than anything.

Nibbles Fitness Forum

But I really do want my titanium bionic hips! I am patiently waiting for them. It will take most of this year to get my life back, and YOU help me fight this battle. THANK YOU!

I'm not anything special except to you my friends. And that's just how life is, some of us are just the people behind the scenes ;) You know, I've always been okay with that, my search and rescue work, and deputy sheriff work -- it's all like that. Volunteering, not needing recognition, just being happy that my purpose in life enriches others.

What else on earth matters? It matters more than my birthday, that's for sure. Because what matters is every day of the year... showing up... dressing up.. and doing what we are supposed to do. My fat cells and muscle fibers don't care what day it is. Like Jenia said in the Forum, OUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. So the investment to get it done MATTERS!!!!


For those who want to join me in this journey with me in the 1st Phorm App, holding each other accountable and fighting each our own battles, let's do it! The App is better than ever and becoming my favorite for it's ease with food logging, constantly updating with newer technology...

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