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About last night...

mountain view through window

Did you think about the choices in the moment last night and how you would feel about them this morning?

Thinking about the consequences of our actions is so important. Remember the SMART goals?

Those tasks must be completed in order to achieve your objective.

That means planning for events like the bonfire party with friends.

lady in jeans at gym

I also hit the weights on my way to the bonfire party 🔥 and got ready there after my workout.

Last night when I was faced with pizza🍕 and wine 🍷 I KNEW that I would wake up with the consequences of my choices. I had packed myself a nice thermos of hot herbal tea 🍵 sweetened with stevia, and a nice travel mug. Before I left the house I baked a level-1 protein custard while I rode my spin bike.

I put the custard in a thermos and brought a spoon, and no one even asked what I was eating or drinking. I carried it around in a big leather purse and it really wasn't a big deal. No one seemed to notice it, or if they did, they didn't ask or say anything.

No one seems to care, but when you wake up in the morning you are the one who must live with your choices. You care, right?

It's the same thing when you look back at your life and maybe wished you would have done some things differently?

I may not have the latest fitness gear, or smart phone, or ear buds, or whatever is trending at the time. I tend to wear the same nice jeans 👖and dresses👗 to the few parties I go to year after year which aren't many.

Everything we want to achieve requires a sacrifice. There are no free passes on that.

If I didn't get my college assignments 📚completed I wouldn't have gone to the bonfire party. Some weekends the sacrifice of time is made and I stay home to complete my assignments instead of going to the party.

Putting the best food and ingredients into our body is also a sacrfice.

If I skimp on the ingredients of foundation for my health and achieving those smart goals, my results won't be as good over time, especially as I keep aging. There are no free passes on that. We all age. I get it, I'm 60 and I'm feeling it.

That's why I won't skip on the foundations for my daily nutrition plan, which are the Opti-greens 50, Micro-Factor, and Full_Mega.

This week I'll talk about the Full-Mega and why it's important.

mid life female with fish oil

I won't skimp on my plan for my long term health!

People will say it's too expensive and they can buy the fish oil at the big box store for a lot less. So look at the label and see how much EPA and DHA are in it.

Then look at some other brands, and the EPA and DHA level of the Full-Mega.

Fish Oil label nutrition facts

Full-Mega contains the amount shown to give us the health benefits, and surpasses all pharmaceutical standards for freshness and purity.

Notice that the price of any with adequate amounts, like the 1st Phorm, all cost more than what you get at the store. That's because it costs more to get the quality product from deep sea fish, and to manufacture in a quality FDA inspected facility to make sure you are really getting what the label says you are getting.

There are so many benefits from the needed about of EPA and DHA, including cell protection, reducing inflammation, cognitive function, and many other benefits supported by scholarly studies.

The fact is, if I get the cheap version I won't get those benefits. If I don't take a good fish oil I won't get those benefits. By the way, it aids in fat loss and maintaining, if I also follow a healthy balance meal plan with the correct protein and caloires.

My other option would be to eat a fatty fish 🐟 consistently three times every week. I would not be consistent with that, and it's pretty expensive fish so not only is it not convienient, but it doesn't save us any money.

Just like the choices I made with what I consumed and put in my body last night, and the sacrifices I made to keep my health goals, this is key to my own success.

The same type of sacrifice is made with why I include Full-Mega in my food budget. It means I won't get the latest smart phone, gear, or clothes, but I get to insure a slightly bit more health and quality of life for my future.

The cute jeans 👖and dresses 👗 don't matter if I don't have the health I need to keep wearing them!

The benefits won't happen if I skip it or I'm not consistent with taking it. There is no negotiating about that for me. It's part of the plan.

A picture of Randy and I in our late 20s, we are growing old together, in sickness and health, a team until the end.

It's part of Randy's plan too. We are a team and we'll both do everything today to insure the best future for both of us together.

Included in the 🍱🥘🥗 plan is cooking simple foods at home and making sure they are available, like whipping up the the egg white custard 🥚with my beloved Level-1 protein that tastes like custard, or simple candy squash fries.

Candy Squash fries

The squash is a once in a while treat from the local farmers market. Usually I use butternut squash, but the candy squash was a nice treat.

What are the sacrifices you have made in order to achieve your goals? I know you've made sacrifices to accomplish many things in your life.

If you have any questions about meal planning, fitness goals, or the supplements and how they fit in, please feel free to ask!


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