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A time for forgiving

It's not just a time for forgiving yourself, but others in your life as well.

None of us needs to carry the burden of regret and anger. I know how hard it is to take care of our own selves when there is all this emotion and upset.

I went to the post office the other day. I had written a letter to my daughter Sara. I dropped her letter in the "to" box and unlocked the "from" box and got something from my mom and my aunt. My aunt sent me the pictures of my identical twin and I. I don't even remember which is me and which is my twin. We were both so sad at that time, you can see it in our eyes.

My mom didn't send a note, just the little cloth bag which I know she made. Those bags are so useful these days and the fact that she made it is precious.

My mom and I are not close. My twin and I are not close. It's like we live on different planets.

I've told the story about forgiving my dad and I still have work to do within my heart regardig my mom.

As I placed the letter to my daughter in the "to" box I said a little prayer for her. I made sure when I wrote the letter not to focus on my own insecurities and imperfections as a mom, but to simply let Sara know I loved her and was so proud of her, and gave her a little gift. That is all. Nothing else. And I asked God for something to be healed between my daughter and I.

As I then received the things from my mom and my aunt, tied with so much emotion it brought me to tears, I felt God was showing me that I need to keep giving what I wish to receive. If I want forgiveness from my daughter, I must also forgive my own mother. The chains must be broken in order to be free of the burdens in our heart and soul.

Forgiveness doesn't always mean what we think it means. It doesn't always mean we are on the same side of things, or in agreement politically or in religion. In the case of my mom, it might just mean sending her a letter or gift, not laced with weirdness, just letting her know she's important and that she has a special place in my heart forever. She's my mom. She loves us and she did her best in spite of so much tragedy and the generational chains.

So what does this have to do with progress pictures? Oh everything.

We all fight these emotional battles that seem to make it impossible to keep or achieve our fitness goals.

Not only are some of us aging, with arthritis, raging aging hormones, broken bones, autoimmune, and a million other aches and pains that come with being 50, 60, and older, but it FEELS impossible.

But that's a lie.

It's just agonizingly slow!

Writing my daughter and my mom helped calm me down. I can't control them, but I can control ME. I can forgive, whether they choose to do anything with it or not.

My own heart can be free from the burden.

And I can be free to focus on what I can control. My food! What I put in my body. Not only WHAT, but how much of what I consume.

I can keep taking my greens, micro nutrient packs, reds, full mega, vitamin B complex, D3, C, and various protein supplements that fill in the gaps.

Oh yes, that means planning. Today I had to rush out the door. It's not luck that I had enough things on hand to make a quick custom soup to put in a thermos, along with some protein coffee to get me through the day of running around in between appointments.

The same day as all this emotional and physical giving and receiving with my family, I got notes from people in the My TransPhormation App about mistakes made not planning food.

You see, you have to eat. You know you are going to have to eat. So plan it.

Not eating is not a plan.

Prep some food and have it available to put together quickly.

I know the perfectly prepped meals don't work for everyone. They don't work for me either. I'm never in the mood for that. So, I make sure I have things in the freezer, pantry, and fridge that I can quicky put together for these times of rushing.

I've made the mistakes too.

I still make the mistakes. I still have to forgive myself for being human.

See those peaks up there on that weight graph up above? All the peaks are a result of either not having a plan, or not following the plan.

Even when we have a plan we can fail. But if you don't have a plan, and you don't have something prepped, and you don't have a food scale or you don't use the food scale, then you will fail.

If you want to succeed, it starts with writing down your plan.

Then follow your plan.

Then being willing to forgive yourself and others.

And if you don't have a food scale it's time to get one! Start using it. We all continue to make mistakes and learn from our mistakes. We don't suddenly become a robot and get a free pass from all this emotional crap that comes at us continuously.

Slowly things are getting smaller and more defined on my body. Just agonizingly slow.

I have to forgive myself for being human. For saying oh it's "just" one pound. Oh I'm a nobody, blah blah blah.

We fix our mistakes, we count our blessings.

Yes, I'm humbly a nobody, but a few people need me to stand strong and forgive myself and to forgive certain people around me.

So we can all be free to become warriors.

A little bit every day.

Focus on the food scale and the body weight scale will follow. It WILL, if you really do it.

Every time we take little bites of this or that and think it doesn't matter, it comes back to bite us. No progress is made.

I get it. Usually something emotional got us off track with the food scale thing.

Go back to the drawing board and make it happen.

And forgive the past, and inhale the future, and make it happen.

Who else finds they need to let go of burdens in order to focus on your own health?

It all goes together in balance, body, mind, and spirit.


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