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A symbol of not giving up in 2020

Last night at the gym no one else was there, so I took a video of about half my exercises.

In January my shoulder started hurting, it's December now and my shoulder still hurts.

I'm working with a doctor on that, along with the fact that I have a broken back and my hips aren't working as well either.

My point is, I did what I could all year; a handful of mostly upper body exercises. No shoulder exercises, no bench press. For legs I can only do leg extensions and leg curls and the spin bike, or an outside bike ride.

I didn't give up. I just did a little bit every day, all year, of these limited exercises.

Therefore, I was able to make this video last night.

It would be easy to look at the video and think or say I'm a natural or it must be easy, or she's 15 or 20 years younger, or whatever untrue narrative someone wants to make up.

The truth is that many days this year were hard, not very exciting, and actually pushing through depression and a hopeless feeling even though I did not feel like doing the same boring exercises, over and over.

Even if I didn't do the year perfectly, I did enough all year, that I could make this video, as symbol to myself of not giving up.

I just got off the phone with someone who needs to do the same thing with her meal planning.

She just needs to do the little steps every day and mark them down daily. Just a little visual power list, some stickers on a calendar every day when it's done.

It doesn't matter what it is that you need to do, it's the little steps every day that get you there.

And even then, once you find success at it, you have to keep doing the little steps every day.

If you stop the steps, you slip with success.

It's the end of the year, what is your symbol of what you did daily to accomplish a goal?

If you don't have that symbol of success, what will you do to make it happen next year?

That's how we do it!


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