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A perfect 🌧 rainy Saturday

When just one person tells you your video helped them, it reminds you it's worth it to bother making efforts.

Today is a perfect rainy day to get homework assignments down and ride the indoor spin bike, and get premeasured healthy portions and get the heck out of dodge (the kitchen). Not that every season of life is like that.

What is your day like today? I know Stacy, Miss Consistency, kicked butt already in her home gym, Miss Netty is celebrating her dad's birthday and having 🎂 cake as she should, Miss Keturah is starting on her beautiful morning smooties, and Gina will fight on with nutrition even though it's hard as heck, seems impossible and not fair, and she wanted to quit because no results.

The bottom line is body fat is controlled with calories, protein, and micronutrients.

Exercise gives only a slight edge with that unless you are like a young super athletic person. View exercise as a means to make you healthy with only that slight edge.

When in doubt with fat loss as the goal, it's calories, protein, and micronutrients.

Happy Saturday!


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