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A measure of success 🙌

Does it sometimes seem like it's the biggest pain ever to measure out your food? Yes!

Will some people think it's obsessive and neurotic? Yes. You might even think that you are being that way sometimes, but it's that little extra step that sets you apart.

Judging it with a derogatory name is a subtle excuse to attempt to stop you from winning. If it's from within yourself, it's self sabotage. If it's from others, well, you can't know what's in their mind. Don't make up a narrative about it. Just do what you know is best for YOU.

Think of something you started a long time ago that was hard. Something that you stuck with and didn't give up, maybe it's a hobby or a skill at work. Did you care what anyone else thought? Or did you just have a passion to make something happen? Maybe it was as simple as finishing a degree in college, or getting a certain belt in martial arts.

You did the little steps you needed to do. You didn't judge it with a derogatory name, or if you did think you were obsessed with it you were probably proud of that obsession.

Why is it okay for someone to be obsessed with training for a marathon yet it's not cool to be passionate about measuring the ingredients you put into your body?

It's that extra step that will always set you apart as exceptional. A great chef or baker uses the digital food scale to create their delicious masterpieces. If you want perfectly even meatballs or evenly baked cookies you measure them. For baking 1 cup of flour is 120 grams, while one cup of sugar is 200 grams. One tablespoon of butter is 1/2 ounce. I measure some things in grams and some things in ounces and I find that a digital kitchen scale is one of the best tools ever for good cooking.

Why wouldn't you put the same effort into caring for your body and your health?

While my food prep doesn't look the same as the beautiful pictures from this weekend in the forum and text messages people sent me for accountability, I have to measure out my portions like Stacy, Netty, and Jonda have shown.

They prepared to make the week amazing. It's beautiful. It's exceptional. It's not the derogatory names people come up with to sabotage the beauty and discipline. Maybe the judgements are a projection of someone's own insecurity?

It's the true measure of success. If you master this as well as making your meal plans, it's far easier than you may think. Sure, it takes some time to cook the food, measure it out, and clean the kitchen. If you do it all on the weekend like these ladies did, it's very efficient and it saves them time during the week. It's one less thing to worry about, grab the food and go.

I've had a few seasons in college where I was overwhelmed and didn't feel I had time, so I purchased many fresh meals from a fit meal prep company. It's more expensive compared to making your own, but you are paying for someone else to do the work. Their time is valuable just like your time is valuable.

Me, I cook my food in batches and custom make meals as I go. I measure many foods into vacuum sealed packets I keep in the freezer and I bring them out for my meals the night before. I like a little more flexibility and variety during the week.

If you have not been measuring out your food, no worries, start now! You can!

Don't worry about what anyone else thinks about it. You just keep in mind it's about being a better person. It's about learning how to be more disciplined. Own that! Don't let others own what you put in your body. You get to own it.

And don't believe for a moment that people are gifted with discipline. It's trained. Anyone can train themselves to do it.

If you are ready to start, I'm here to help. I help people in the My TransPhormation App all year long. People start every single day. When you are ready to start, send me a message and we can do it together.

Happy Monday!


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