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🌟 Official start date is Monday Oct. 10th, but your Day 1 photos are due NOW to officially get registered!

To sign up for the challenge, it's very simple, all you have to do is upload your Day 1 photos through the 1st Phorm App and you are in!!!!

If you are not in the 1st Phorm App <—— USE THAT LINK. It should automatically assign me as your Advisor. If not, it’s easy to go into the menu and drop the default assignment and then assign me with my Advisor code: RS

62 year old 4 weeks post spine surgery swimming
Four weeks post Lumbar Spine Surgery!

I’m doing it. Of course I am!! I’ve been doing fairly good at maintaining, but I’ve gained a few pounds. This is part of maintaining and we can chat about that if you want help understanding why this is. I am officially 4 weeks post spine surgery. My bones are still fusing and I won’t be able to lift weights, but I can walk and hike, swim, ride the stationary bike, do pushups, planks, and air squats and that is a lot!

bear valley view in california
Randy and I have been going for nice long walks. This is a view of Bear Valley California near us on our walk.

Starting yesterday, I go to my official PT sessions and then swim. Every day I’ll do my PT exercises and either walk or ride the spin bike. It’s hard because we have a lot of work to do around our house with construction and such, but I’ll fit everything in.

One super important thing is SLEEP, in order to keep appetite under control. Also, it’s important to have a meal plan, get electrolytes, fiber, and enough water. There are more that helps with appetite, but those are all very important. If you want to know more, join me in the 1st Phorm App and send me a chat message there.

I make my own rules, and my own meal plans! I can have a taco for breakfast if I want, and protein ice cream for dinner. As long as my macros and calories for the day are right for my goals it doesn't matter! I care a lot about nutrition, micro nutrients as well as macros, healthy heart oil and fiber, digestive enzymes, and so much more. Every little thing matters, and every little detail gives you an extra edge with fat loss and body fat maintenance. If you want the best results, you focus on these details and master them over time. Take the TIME to learn and grow from your mistakes and chat with me since that's what I am passionate about and I am here for you.

For this challenge, I’ll be creating some meal plans for myself and following them. I’ll share them in my announcements in the 1st Phorm App as we go along. Also, if you want help creating your meal plans, I’ll help you. Join me in the App and send me a message and let’s do it. I use the App for creating them and I can show you how.

To enter the challenge you have until Monday before 11:59pm to do so, but DO NOT WAIT! Get a head start by getting your photos TODAY! 👊🏼


You are welcome to send this blog post url to your friends and family who you want to join with you. I have found that when we do the process with our friends and family it is great for accountability and teamwork.



- Due every week.

- You need to track EVERYTHING w/ sending assessments: (Food, Supplements, Workouts, Water, New Picture, & New Weigh-In). If you are using a meal plan that’s okay, we need to chat about it.

If you send me a message about your assessment please :

1. Tell me one positive thing about your assessment! 😎 & If it is for accountability this week or needing help!

LIVE STREAMS 📺 in the 1st Phorm App

- Monday - Friday at 9am Central Time

- Fall Challenge Specifics! Two things about nutrition.

If you want to be accounted for Learn how to do the correct form of photos.

💡 Tips for Day 1 Photos

- Have a solid backdrop

- Take the photos in a place you can consistently take your photos in! Makes noticeable changes easier to see!

- Wear something you are comfortable in, guys can wear gym shorts, ladies can wear sports bra, leggings, swimsuit, shorts.

- Have good lighting.


*Take one un-flexed and another set flexed if wanting too


- Track Your Food

- Hit Calories and Protein 🔥

- Drink Your Water 💦

- Move your body/weight resistance train🏋️

🚶🏽Walk for 45 minutes, 7 days a week

- Prioritize sleep💤

"The process is what drives your progress" - DISCIPLINE & INTENT

Everyday is Day 1.

Let's get to work.

Advisor Roberta (Advisor code RS in the 1st Phorm App)

Send me a chat here if you have questions!

PS In case you think I might have forgotten. I'm 62 now, the before and after picture below is age 48 VS age 53. No, I have not forgotten. I do gain weight easily too. I'm winning the battle not because I am special, but because of little daily habits every day and the daily game plan. That is all.

fitness transformation age 48 vs age 53 little black dress

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