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Looking at YOU surviving Easter treats (8 tips)!

Yes you! Why not you?

I was talking to one of you on the phone this week about Easter. Yes, you my friend, I believe in you!

My friend wanted to know if she should skip Easter with her family? She wants very hard to lose the body fat she has gained back.

My response was that Easter is a very important holiday, and that time with her family was important. I know this because I happen to know a little about her life.

You see, it's different for everyone. Only you can choose how to solve these problems in your life.

I so love to walk beside you, and help you sort it out.

I came up with EIGHT Easter Survival Tips which I will go over today.

First, it's really important to know that when body fat creeps up, you are not a fraud, you are human!



1) Visualize the process as well as the goal. The body weight scale isn't a goal. The picture of you in your world how you want to be, like me in the video feeling good in my suit and confident in my job interview was a good visual for me. The only way I will get there is with the process, and one way I like to visualize the process is a monthly calendar. I visualize the PROCESS that gets me to my dream. The process is exercise and calories and those are the only two items on the calendar in orange and purple.

As you begin your weekend keep the visual sharp in your mind. A picture of me in the suit I want to get back to is a great visual reminder too. You and keep visual reminders and quotes with you at all times. It helps you when you struggle with the various little forks in the road as you navigate your day.

2) On the days that you can, as much as possible, MEASURE YOUR FOOD.

This is often the hardest part. We get busy and we don't want to have to do this. But if we don't, we usually get heavy handed with portions. Also, we can't troubleshoot why things are not working if we skip this step.

Choose to keep lean protein and veggies on hand, and go easy on carbs and fats as those add up very fast.

3) Portion sizes are very critical. When in doubt, so SMALL. Especially Easter day when there will be very calorie dense foods available.

This was my lunch today. The Salmon, avocado, bread and butter can add up very fast. The plate was actually a very small espresso saucer.

On Easter Sunday, you don't have to eat everything. Choose a few things and make the portions small. Focus on protein and veggies. Avoid sauces, sugars, and high fat foods as much as possible.

4) Very important on Easter Sunday; do not explain your nutrition plan or choices with anyone. This just opens you up for debate on how you run your life. You own what you put in your body, not them. You are the one living your life and having your vision for yourself, not them!

You do not owe anyone an explanation, a simple no thank you is good enough.

If you are not sure about portion sizes, here's a good rule of thumb:

PROTEIN - A Palm size portion per meal is perfect.

VEGGIES - A fist size portion per meal is perfect.

CARBS - A fist size portion per meal is perfect.

5) Get engaged in helping the hostess or getting involved in conversation. Isn't the true reason you wanted to spend time with loved ones on Easter to spend time with them celebrating what you believe in together, LIFE? That time does not have to always be spent eating. You can enjoy a few things and still "live life". It doesn't have to be gluttonous, correct?

People love to talk about themselves, so ask the people you care about questions about their lives. Practice active listening. Look them in the eye and focus on what they are saying. Hold a fancy glass of water and sip it all day long, go for refills, water is good for you! It helps keep you from being too hungry and it helps your metabolism. Spend your time in meaningful conversation and keep your mind busy on that instead of eating all the food!

6) All week, do the things that help your health and metabolism. Sleep, water, exercise, tea, vitamins, enough protein throughout the day, and my opti-greens 50 are what help me stay on track. These help reduce hunger and inflammation, keep my digestion happy and "regular".

The opti-greens 50 is part of the high performance fuel that keeps the high performance sports body running. Premium fuel for premium results and performance.

The Opti-greens has probiotics. You've heard about how your endocrine system is like a second brain right? There are numerous scholarly studies on this topic. One reason probiotics is important is that it keeps your gut bacteria healthy. Studies have shown that this not only aids in digestion, but immune health, inflammation and bloating, and ultimately fat loss. This has green superfoods, a glycemic blend to help slow down the digestion of all carbs and control glucose levels all day long, a photonutrient blend, a plant enzyme blend.

Did I ever mention that enzymes are the rate limiting factor in metabolism? I digress, I know, but this is HUGE! Enzymes are like the lowest common denominator in metabolism. If there isn't enough, things won't get done in the body regarding all the various processes. As we age we have a harder time producing enzymes which is why we are more temperamental with food digestion issues. Ultimately, all of these ingredients help with fat loss and metabolism.

7) Get your exercise. Remember it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Keep it simple. Get some of your family to join you if you can. Have fun and just move!

8) Most of all take a deep breath and enjoy your people! That is what life is all about.



Start Deadline Monday April 21st

If you are ready, join the next eight week sprint contest. The deadline to get your pictures in is Monday the day after EASTER by midnight Eastern time.

There is a new app, so if you have signed up in the past you will need to register again. They made it so much easier to take your progress pictures. No more downloading and printing contest cards or holding them up. Just take your pictures with the new app and you are done! It stores them in a nice grid pattern so you'll be able to clearly see your results in pictures as you progress each week.

There are a lot of new features. It's a NEW app, be patient as it upgrades, there will be lots of updates in the weeks ahead. Make sure you give them feedback as you go along.

One of my favorite new features is a variety of workouts which you can change in your profile:

Here's the new link to join, and make sure you email me so I can check on your progress. You can also message me from within the app.

Wishing you many blessings this Easter weekend.

I'm here to help when you need me.


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