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Meet Bella and the fat loss secret

Meet Bella. She is over 50 and she just did this in the last two months. What was her secret? Keep reading and you will find out. The results of others during the last two months are also posted in the Nibbles Fitness post in the support group. I'm super proud of everyone. We still have work to do though, let's go!

What does consistency mean for fat loss?

I know it's hard to wrap your mind around, so I'll mention this topic a lot because it's always the downfall for so many.

Consistency is as steady as a line as possible with nutrition without a lot of valleys and peaks. I know it sounds funny, usually it's "Peaks and Valleys" right?

I say valley first, because it's where the downfall begins. You know, the 1000 calorie thing.

Anyone can lose body fat on the sometimes prescribed 500-1000 calories.

But will it stick? Will it provide a long term solution?

Not usually.

Even 1200 is a little to low to be sustainable for most people. The taller you are, the harder you will fall.

Knowing your TDEE and having it stuck in your mind for life is the most critical piece of the puzzle.

Knowing that anything under it is a deficit, and that even if you don't "eat back" exercise calories - knowing that your workouts also provide a deficit.

That means that if you workout, especially if you workout really hard, TDEE is a deficit.

How do you trust this? YOU TEST IT OUT OVER TIME. When I say time, I mean six months to a year, or longer. Not even I got to skip this part.

See, the problem is that everyone WANTS IT NOW. They want to know the answer now. They want the fat loss now. They want it so bad that they skip treating this whole thing like the science experiment it needs to be with your own body.

That means taking the time to measure and weigh and do all the things that seem absolutely impossible in your busy life. I know it's such a freakin PAIN IN THE BUTT. Think I don't know that? We are all busy. Who has time for this crap?

Well, did you feel desperate to get what you want? Does it make you depressed and unhappy and grumpy at times?

Then make all these little boring tedious steps a priority and quit trying to shortcut the process.

  • Planning your food is a pain.

  • Cooking is a pain.

  • Cleaning is a pain.

  • Recording is a pain.

  • Taking pictures is a pain.

  • Getting on the scale is a pain.

  • Tuning out the number and the focus on the process is a pain.

  • Trusting the process is a pain.

  • Waiting waiting waiting is a pain.

  • Taking measurements of your body is a pain.

  • Not having it now is a pain.

  • Measuring your food on the food scale is a pain.

  • Yes I know it's all a pain.

Don't short cut yourself out of success. Every detail matters.

Now, DECIDE to feel good about doing these things that are a pain that rarely everyone else is willing to do. Focus on the process, not the results. The results will come.

This is exactly what Bella did to get her recent phenomenal success. She did not short cut the process.

Every dang day she was doing the things that were a pain. She was focused. She didn't rush it. She just trusted the process and did it. She asked our registered dietician in the 1st Phorm Facebook group questions about her unique nutrition issues. You get access to those resources to, if you join my free coaching link below.

No reason you can't do it too.

Come On, let's do this my friends. I am doing it too.

If you have any questions, ASK. Comment and I will answer.

There will be another of these eight week challenges starting up very shortly. You can start NOW and be ready for it ahead of time.

The important thing, if you want in the challenge, or even if you you just want free coaching, you must sign up. That's what you give, and then you will receive. Otherwise you can email me for other options.

Sign up for the free membership if you are willing to really commit to improving your life.

Happy Monday!

PS Free help and support is also available in the Nibbles Fitness group on Facebook.


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