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What's my Ab Secret?

Good Morning! Happy Friday! With one of the Nibbles Fitness kitties. Well, I wrote this on Friday (yesterday) for the Nibbles Facebook group and they asked me to put it in a place where they can share it with others. Since the group is private the post there can't be shared, so now it's here. I eat pretty close to TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) most of the time. For me that's around 1500-1600 calories because I'm 5 foot nothing tall. Some days I can push 1400 but that's hard on me. It breaks my heart when I see people eating 1000 calories because I know from helping hundreds of women over the last 8 years, that it just is not sustainable. It can sometimes work if you have more than 40-50 plus pounds to lose, after that it causes more crashes. And even then it can cause crashes. That low can sometimes work for weeks on end before you crash, but it's a false sense of success. Most of the women in here who did this back in the day, including me, it worked one, maybe two short seasons along with an excessive amount of fasting. But then it stops working and it never works again. It's like your body has this memory system that reminds you, NO freakin way, not going there again, I will make you want to eat until you are crazy!!! You eat a little something and all of a sudden the flood gates open up. It's horrifying and devastating. I've made it my passion over the years to head that off at the pass in my life. People have tried to tell me, oh it's normal to binge. blah, blah, blah. No. BS. I'm not living my life like that. No I'm not perfect. Sometimes I really splurge. And then sometimes after I splurge I fight the wanting to go back for more and more and more. Sometimes I do, like on Thanksgiving or whatever, but I KNOW I can't live my life like that. So I just get busy with work. I take a deep breath and I do things that relieve the stress that don't involve food! I get the heck out of dodge. And it's not willpower like I said on my post the other day in the comments (again in the Facebook group) about the 3 fries. It's setting up my environment so I'm not exposed to it all the time. It's having the discussion with Randy that I can't be around it, I'll run to another room and get busy with work. I can't allow myself to live a life where it happens day after day, or week after week. It's being choosy about social events. I can't go to every party I'm invited to. I don't have to explain why. I can just say no thank you and make it up in some other way. I live in this body and it's the only way I get to keep it. I like it. I want it. It's mine. It took me 10 years so far to build my sustainable lifestyle environment. It's not perfect. I'm not that strong. It's just setup over time and strong desire to be a certain person and to be authentic and real, and walk the talk, and do exactly what I coach my clients to do. Please trust me when I say that the more important number to remember is TDEE. It's what your body needs, always. Then, any deficit is corrective action - like medicine - to fix a health problem - or for some to reach a more elite level of fitness - which is even harder. A deficit is like doses of medicine. Some days you just can't take the same amount as another day. That's why formula's do not work! Anything under TDEE is a deficit that will cause fat loss over time. Exercise causes a deficit that is nearly impossible to measure exactly what it is. That's why "eating back" exercise calories rarely works for fat loss. But listening to your body is still important. Maybe you need an extra apple or a couple ounces of chicken or a light protein drink. Lower calories is not better. A steady consistent line under TDEE is better, faster, less stress, and a healthy lifestyle. As I maintain, I still have to have some slight deficit days because some days I eat over TDEE. That's maintaining the calorie checkbook. People rebound because they don't balance their checkbook. I know it doesn't seem fair, but you don't "get there" with your goal and are done. Just like my "muscle satellite cell" post on my main Facebook and Instagram pages, I don't get to keep those muscles and my 30yr old like bones unless I pay the dues every day, not a lot, just a little. Little nibbles every day. When in doubt. Little nibbles every day. It doesn't have to all or nothing. Just like yesterday, I wanted to lift weights but I ran out of time. I did 50 minutes of dripping spin bike cardio before class - it's good enough!!! Little Nibbles every day. Does that make sense?

Feel free to reply with a question or ask about coaching from me.

Happy Saturday!


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