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Are you more HUNGRY in WINTER?

Hungry in winter!


I know that I am!

From a client today "I am struggling a bit right now. Had a vacation and went off the rails and can't seem to get my cravings in control. I also feel like I went so many days not fully accurately logging food and overeating that now I am looking to continue to eat these large portions and mindless snacks. I am going to try some food prep today and focus on volume eating with high fiber and protein to keep full but I have a family member visiting, I was asked to make baked goods for a volunteer thing in town (wish I said no) and my chapter 3 revision of my dissertation is due by midnight. feeling overwhelmed."

This is the most common question I get this time of year. I struggle with this too!

The reality is that no one does the diet thing perfectly. We are all merely human. I don't know a single super fit fitness professional who does it perfectly, and if they say they do, well, are they human?

We all have to go back to trusting the basics. Hunger ebbs and flows and sometimes we are truly hungry and sometimes it's just a feeling. Anyone know the difference? It is hard to tell right?

Some research shows that our hunger is driven by primitive impulses that might prompt us to stockpile calories. I sure feel like I fight this. Do you?

Back to basics!


Back to the basics on food energy. Your TDEE is exactly what you need to stay the same. Anything under is a deficit. A deficit is harder during some seasons than others. Stress has a lot to do with it. TDEE is always a WIN. You can gain weight at TDEE. You have to trust that.

Burn fat with exercise, but not too much.

Burn fat with a slight deficit some days, and proper nutrition.

What is proper nutrition? Just enough. Just enough protein. Just enough calories. Just enough fat. Just enough carbs. Timing can help. Nutrients can help especially that most of us lack vegetable nutrients, phytochemicals, enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, omega-3's, and the list goes on. Our mass produced food supply is not as nutrient dense as it should be. Long term, all year, it's the macro-nutrient PROTEIN and the micro-nutrients that are most important to metabolism. Your metabolism RUNS on those micro-nutrients. You won't feel it boom like the fat burner pills, but you will notice the change when you stop taking them. PROTEIN is the most important thermogenic macro-nutrient. Having it helps us burn more calories and stay more anabolic, which helps burn fat! If we can't get to a whole food protein (or want a sweet protein treat) level-1 protein mimics the digestion rate of whole food protein and is high bio-availability (not all protein is equal!) How much protein per day? .8 to 1.2 grams per lean body mass (or your goal weight). I am able to maintain like this all year because of these tips. I walk the talk and present it in my stories every day.

Micro-Nutrients help me from getting too hungry!


If you have any questions let me know, you know I'm here for you.

Now, who's hungry?

Who's winning the game?

Let's go!


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