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Can you gain weight by eating too low?

Yesterday I finally said goodbye to my mother in law, Sue Winter Saum. I had put it off, not dealt with it, you know, compartmentalized the situation.

Anyone else ever do that? It's a survival mechanism. Many of us who have dealt with tragedies and loss in life can do that without even realizing it.

As I was walking up to the church yesterday, I suddenly felt a wave of nausea. I was awkward in the social environment and felt like the biggest dork ever.

Randy finally pulled me aside and took me outside and we talked on a bench. He wondered if someone said something that hurt me.

No, sometimes things just hit us suddenly and it's time to deal.

I needed the ceremony. It was beautiful. I needed to hear the stories and the memories from others.

It's funny how you can drag your feet, not wanting to go. Wanting to hide. Wanting to compartmentalize without even realizing it.

At some point, you have to deal.

I needed the memorial service. I had no idea how much I needed it until it was over.

It was great to see Randy connect with people he loves and had not seen in so many years and listening to the stories they told when he was growing up.

So I came home and searched through my pictures until I found these of Sue and I. We took a trip to the Grand Canyon together 18 years ago.

We stayed at the Phantom Ranch Lodge for two nights and explored a couple of finger canyons before hiking out the third day.

It's a beautiful memory. No one can take it from me. It's mine and Sue's to keep forever.

Sue was a private, thoughtful, caring, giving, intelligent, talented, compassionate, fun loving person. One of the best I've ever had the honor of spending time with.

Her light shines on in the lives of many, including mine.

Sue Winter Saum 1931-2018 Rest in Peace.

Alright, now for the question "Can you gain body fat by eating too low?" Well, I talk about that in the video:

That is the truth of the matter and I've seen the pattern a million times over the years of helping people. I've also seen it happen for short periods myself before learning to reign it in and get it more consistent.

People often ask me how have I maintained for so many years? This right here my friends, is the secret.

If you still need help getting started, or have questions, I'm always willing to help those who sign up for the free membership. You get a lot of resources for free that way and can email me for more help. I'm always willing to help those who are willing to put in the work.

The deadline for the current challenge is coming up on September 23rd. One more week, let's do this!

Anyone who wants a head start or to join now, let's do it! Are you ready? Sign up here.

Have an amazing week.

Keep the focus on your blessings and attract positive energy. Just like my mother in law Sue did in spite of so much tragedy in her life. She shines bright in my heart and it gives me so much purpose this week.

What about you? What is your purpose this week?

I would love to hear from you.

Many blessings!


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