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Monday July 30th DEADLINE for $50k Summer Sprint

Come on. Let's be a shark. Already my day started with a check engine light.

Randy says I'm a cat. So what? I can be a shark.

Do sharks complain about anything?


They are up early.



Being scary.

Reminding everyone they are a freakin shark!!!

You know Nibbles Fitness is about me being a cat right? I'm married to the ultimate cat whisperer who nurtured me back to life. Does anyone remember that story I've told? It's okay, I don't expect you to remember.

Mainly I wanted to remind you about the deadline for the Summer Sprint Challenge. The deadline for the next eight week challenge is tomorrow July 30, 2018.

For me now, it's combined with the 30 for the Kids challenge I've been in of which today is day 20. I will make a little video later today like I always do on YouTube:

Why do I do this?

Do I think anyone really cares much about my videos on YouTube?


I do it to remain consistent and challenge myself to be a better person. Just because no one really goes there or cares to support me there, doesn't mean I won't hold myself accountable to be consistent and become slightly better at speaking or attempting to keep up with the ever changing technology.

The same thing applies with everything we do. No one really cares much until we succeed at something. No one really notices much that we lose 80 pounds until we become something different because of it.