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Monday July 30th DEADLINE for $50k Summer Sprint

Come on. Let's be a shark. Already my day started with a check engine light.

Randy says I'm a cat. So what? I can be a shark.

Do sharks complain about anything?


They are up early.



Being scary.

Reminding everyone they are a freakin shark!!!

You know Nibbles Fitness is about me being a cat right? I'm married to the ultimate cat whisperer who nurtured me back to life. Does anyone remember that story I've told? It's okay, I don't expect you to remember.

Mainly I wanted to remind you about the deadline for the Summer Sprint Challenge. The deadline for the next eight week challenge is tomorrow July 30, 2018.

For me now, it's combined with the 30 for the Kids challenge I've been in of which today is day 20. I will make a little video later today like I always do on YouTube:

Why do I do this?

Do I think anyone really cares much about my videos on YouTube?


I do it to remain consistent and challenge myself to be a better person. Just because no one really goes there or cares to support me there, doesn't mean I won't hold myself accountable to be consistent and become slightly better at speaking or attempting to keep up with the ever changing technology.

The same thing applies with everything we do. No one really cares much until we succeed at something. No one really notices much that we lose 80 pounds until we become something different because of it.

And then, that glitter fades and you work on the next thing. Only a handful of people will really support you all the way. Friends drift. They come and go as they please.

You are the only one who can decide you will remain consistent at whatever it is you choose to be consistent at.

The summer semester is almost over. I’m writing my final paper and speech due next week. Anxiety and stress is high (a little stress eating too) but I’m working through it. My current paper helped me solidify my goal for the eight-week sprint challenge.

One paper I’m citing is called “Not by Fish Alone” and it’s about how it takes an array of omega fatty acids to serve and preserve the brain. Not just Omega-3 and EPA and DHA, but other omega-3 fats as well. It feeds the part of the brain responsible for fluid intelligence which diminishes as we age.

I’m exercising the crystallized intelligence part of the brain by going to college. The working through my struggles in school, the frustrations, the learning new things which feel like they “hurt the brain” is HARD. It’s like “working out” for your brain. It keeps it alive and functioning.

With this current paper I’m having to write and do research for, on the topic of nutrition and how it effects the heart, brain, and muscles, has solidified my resolve to be consistent with my Full Mega and Micro Factor and Optigreens50.

I have not been as consistent as I should be, but now I know even more about WHY.

I want my heart and brain to be healthy with the rest of my body. I want to think better and to have my heart stay strong.

I’m already extremely consistent with my Core-21 and ZMA because don’t mess with my sleep!

Even though I’m super anxious, I’m excited because even this business class propels me to be a better person, to learn, to grow, and to stay alive and be my best self.

Even though I do not enjoy it, I will be entering my pictures with you.

My goal with the eight-week sprint challenge is to take my Micro Factor, Full Mega, Opti Greens 50, and Whole Heart consistently every day.

Among many other health benefits, the Micro-Factor and Full Mega feed the fluid intelligence part of the brain. That’s the on-the-spot reasoning ability. The Opti Greens 50 helps with memory and reducing depression because of all the dark leafy greens we don’t get enough of in our diets.

This all helps the heart health and inflammation. Oh, and the Whole Heart with CoQ10 because we don’t eat organ meats. CoQ10 is what helps the mitochondria cells make ATP energy which makes the heart pump. There are many studies I read last night which proved this.

So, there’s my resolve. There is my renewed goal for the sprint challenge. I needed that. Who would have thought that a college business paper and speech on Nutrition would help me with my goal

What are your goals for the Sprint Challenge?

1st Phorm Summer Sprint SIGN UP

PS message me if you are interested in any of the supplements or want me to help you check the labels on yours.

PSS I will be ordering the Nibbles Shirts soon! I still have orders trickling in.

Happy Sunday!



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