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Challenges, Shirts, and Fat Loss Tips

Summer is in full swing and this is when we can feel the full impact of progress or lack of progress for the goals we started out with in January. Who needs help? Keep reading for tips and challenges you can join for momentum.

You may not realize the full impact that a challenge can give you. There are hidden motivations and creative momentum that propels you to be a better version of you.

I've been doing the #30forthekids challenge for 30 days. Today is day 12 and I'm traveling to Santa Cruz for the Wharf to Wharf run and will figure out something fun to post along the way as I document each day on my YouTube playlist.

Here is day 10 at the Sheriff's office:

The mere act of deciding to do this for the Haitian kids in an orphanage along with deciding I will be consistent with posting a video forces me out of my comfort zone. This puts me in a place where I can keep improving myself in many aspects of my life and become a better person.


Strategy for Success

We just wrapped up the strategy for success challenge. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to participate. If you do a search in the group using the key words "strategy for success" you will see there are so many good posts. Even if you only made one post it helped many.

The update for the challenge and prizes is here.

Someone told me the other day that we could take all these posts and make them into a book. In our spare time, right?

You may not realize the impact you have on others because the feedback you get from social media is so limiting.

It can "feel" like it goes nowhere. Trust me, that is not true. I get feedback in my conversations with people all day long every day, that YOUR posts matter.

YOU are very important. It doesn't matter where you are at in your journey to health and happiness. We are all on a continuum and none of us get to just sit anywhere like a statue. Sitting in complacency is death.

Let's keep moving!


The 1st Phorm Summer Sprint eight week challenge is starting up on July 30th, although you can actually sign up and start any time between now and then. Your start time starts with your journal entry and your pictures with the contest card. The contest card increments every day. This makes it simple; any time you want to update your progress (I recommend once a week, every two weeks, or every three weeks).

Progress pictures are so important because they show you improvements that the body weight scale and the tape measure won't show you.

Contact me if you have any questions about the Summer Sprint Challenge. If you want to join, sign up here and then send me an email.



Fat loss tip for the day as you go into your weekend. The weekend is when most people go off the rails with food.

Fat loss is all about food energy coming into the body, and slightly about exercise. The food energy comes from all three substrates (protein, fat, carbs). The body can convert any of those three things into any lean body tissue (protein), and glycogen in the muscles and liver (carbs), and adipose tissue (fat cells).

The body has an amazing ability to convert all of those into all of those! So the bottom line is always calories which is the scientific way to measure food energy even though no one wants to face that, it's boring. It means paying attention to food portions. Most people have no clue the amount of food energy in what they eat on a day to day basis, thus, they gain body fat and think something is wrong with them.

The body mostly runs on glycogen in the muscle and liver, and then fat from the fat cells, it likes to spare protein. We always only need just enough protein consistently as it's not really stored like the fat and carbs. We only need slightly more protein when repair is being done and protein turnover is happening slightly faster (like sore muscles, illness, surgery recovery).

So when on a slight calorie deficit for fat loss you can play with carbs and fats, keep protein the same no matter what. There isn't a magic formula. Every day can be different. If energy is low people often need more carbs because that's what the body uses the fastest.

Anything in excess gets stored in the fat cells, whether it's carbs, protein, or fat. That's why consistent smaller meals typically will work best. The bottom line is always about the amount of calories in a 24 hour period, extend it out 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. We are mostly where we are at as a result of the last 90 days.

People get too caught up in the shorter weeks, when if they just stayed consistent for 90 days they would definitely see results. If they really were consistent that is, and not sneaking bites and licks and sips all over the map and forgetting about it.

If you feel low on energy and your carbs are low, add some carbs in. Always mindful of the total food energy, calories. Always pay attention to how you feel because that gives the clues. It's all about paying attention to how you feel and adjusting, yet mindful of those total calories in the 24 hour block, day after day.

Too low and the average daily intake for that 90 days ends up all over the map and going too high many days. Consistency and steady line for 90 days as much as humanly possibly is always the key to results.


Finally, For those who said they wanted a Nibbles Fitness t-shirt or racer tank. I'm getting a new batch of them and will send them out. I'm not sure on the price yet because the bigger the order the lower the price. Many of you have emailed me already and I'm saving all of your orders!

#NibblesFitness #BOOM

The pink shirt at the top of this page is the T-shirt, also available in teal green and gray.

The Racer Tank pictured here is actually longer (I cropped it myself for me) and it's available in pink and Gray:

Email me what size and color you want with the following information:


Shipping address:



T-shirt size and color:

Racer tank size and color:

Both are available in Women’s S, M, L, XL

Level One Apparel, soft comfortable material.

100% refund if not satisfied.

Alright, let's have an amazing weekend!


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