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How to succeed at keeping a fat loss goal

I recently participated in an eight week challenge. If you want to see my before and after pictures and results they are shown at the end of my short video:

How did I do this?

How did I do this since the age of 50 and I'm 57 now?

I love sharing my secrets and my best practices. I especially love continuing to learn from other ladies in my Nibbles Fitness FaceBook group. I love being a part of a diverse community where we all support each other.

Would you like to be part of a special group like that? You can! When you join the group make sure to answer the questions so I can make sure the group stays a safe place for all of us.

We will start a "Strategy for Success" challenge this coming Friday June 15th until July 15th. It's a fun challenge where we will all share our best practices for being successful on our fitness journey.

Regarding my eight week challenge; Oh, the agony! I weight the same in both sets of pictures but it's total proof that the scale does not tell the whole story.

I must have lost some lean body mass last year with my hernia ordeal. A few weeks ago in college (kinesiology class) I had my body fat measured with a hydro-static test as an assignment. My LBM (Lean Body Mass) was 104.5 pounds as it has been with every other test for the last 7 years.

Judging from my pictures, it must have been a little lower at the start of the eight week Spring Sprint Challenge! I wish I had it tested at that time too.

This is all proof that the body weight scale gives you limited information.

Your body can fluctuate with water and glycogen which give no indication of lean body growth or fat loss. Your body can undergo re-composition and be the exact same body weight.

I always say "Focus on the food scale, not the body weight scale" and it never steers me wrong!

Join the Strategy For Success challenge if you want help getting back in the groove.

Join if you need help getting started.

Join if you just want to belong to a unique loving group of supportive women.

If you want a head start on the next eight week challenge with my help, sign up here and send me an email.

Have a glorious Sunday, a beautiful week, and let's all enjoy what blessings we have.


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