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Strategy For Success Summer Fitness Challenge

Who is ready for a new challenge? Do you have a small business with a prize to give?

We will start a "Strategy for Success" challenge starting in mid June because so many are having a hard time right now, with EVERYTHING; getting workouts in, getting food prep done, staying motivated. This happens to all of us.

Even me, I don't feel like it either - I just do it anyway because I don't want my life turning into slow death. That's what will happen, I know that sounds grim but it's true. We all need to pull each other up.

Many of you have your own little side businesses, so you might have prizes and ideas for the challenge. I'd like to make this challenge about YOU and how we all do things even when "We Don't Feel Like It", because that is really the success behind all that we do.

I need volunteers to help collect points, and donate prizes for the winners. The prize donation could just be contributing $5, or a service you provide. The theme is "Strategy for Success" so it can be meal prep, recipes, calendars, tracking and anything we do to find success in fitness and health goals. The points will be for consistent participation and helping others.

The core team of volunteers can decide if it will be 4-8 weeks and when exactly it will start. I will do my part to and I can coordinate an online meeting or email thread.

Who will help volunteer? Who will participate?

If you have a business and want to donate a prize, or just want to donate as an individual, this can a chance for you to help others and yourself.

Get a head start with your own motivation and helping others by posting something in the group that you are doing today to make steps in your own progress to success.

The challenge posts will be in the Nibbles Fitness Facebook Group. If you wish to donate a prize Email me and let me know.


PS my protein giveaway drawing ends on June 5th, this coming Tuesday. If you wanted a little extra coaching time on the phone and a chance to win another tub of protein for getting the amazing POST WORKOUT STACK protein and carb, get it and email me to let me know.

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