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Permission to SAVE your DAY

Ever need help seeing clearly? Our friends help us see clearly. My friend Kerry helps me and she says I help her. We both helped save the other's day. Kerry is Mrs California 2018 and you can find her on Instagram.

It's memorial day here in the USA. It was a perfect opportunity for me to pull out the American flag bikini and take a new picture. Yes, at 57.5 and climbing, we age. I choose to keep going in spite of all the flaws. The daily work is worth it. I enjoy my quality of life. I enjoy helping other people do the same.

By the way, I will post an article soon on "Hair, Skin, and Nails" health so stay tuned. I get a lot of questions from all of you on these topics. We all need and want to feel good in our own skin.

It's great to enjoy the spa again. It was out of commission while Randy installed the solar water tank system he designed.

But I digress, back to saving the day....

Randy's Navy buddy Mike came to visit and I ended up having dinner with them.

Mike and Randy dug into the chips and hot sauce!

But you know what? So did I. Actually I dug in with much gusto and no regrets. I probably had a smaller plate of food, but that makes sense because I'm a smaller person at 5 foot nothing tall. I've learned to order just one taco on my plate. Even then it was too much food, but I enjoyed it!

That was last night. So today it's back on track. We are meant to enjoy food with our friends. We are meant to celebrate those who served our country and fought for our freedom. Both Randy and Mike served in the Navy back in the day. They forged a tight bond so strong that, over 30 years later, here we are together at this table.

This is life. Balance. It was not the first. It will not be the last. We roll with it. Yes, it's a fight to get our groove back. But we roll up our sleeves and we SAVE THE DAY.

We can feel doomed by our choices. But that is a lie. We may feel like "why keep trying"? We feel like we failed. We call it a failure. But it's NOT A FAILURE.

We have permission to SAVE the DAY.

We decide. We own it. We are empowered.

Every day does not have to be the same.

We can give ourselves permission to be human.

We can. Hunger will ebb and flow. It's tricky. It's an art. There is no calculation that will make our body like a machine. We must learn to roll with it. Our body is pretty complicated. Hunger has a lot to do with our stress, PH, intestinal flora, hormones, health, and nutrition history. It is all interconnected inside our body.

I'm always here if you have a question or need help.

Have a safe and happy memorial day! Make it count!


PS for those who want fun new 1st Phorm apparel to help stay motivated, they are having a clearance sale, today is the last day.

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