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8 tips for out of the box weight loss

Mechatronics award

We all need to step out of the box right? Friday night Randy won this 1st Place award for his Mechatronics project. We are both college students and Randy sure stepped out of the box to create his project which I spoke about just a little in my Facebook live video last night. It's a very cool project and I'm certainly enjoying having the spa running again.

I had to "pop" up out of the box recently in the college parking lot!

What does this all have to do with fitness goals?

Well, since we must fight against the rest of society to achieve and keep our fitness goals we will all have to find ways to think out of the box. We are all unique in our individual environment and the only way we will succeed is to create new ways. Willpower will fail us, so the key to success is to change your environment.

Here are some tips:

1) Take Ownership.

This means don't let other people own what you put in your body or how you spend your time. You do not have to eat everything that is offered you. There is no such thing as free food. Your health pays the price. If you want cake, own it and eat the cake. If you want to skip the cake for health reasons, own that too.

You do not owe anyone explanations as to why or why not you decide to eat cake or anything else. A simple no thank you is all they need. Why open the door for them to argue or take ownership of what you have already decided you want to do? No. Just own it.

No whining about it either. No one wants to hear woe is me stories about being on a diet to fix your health problem. Just do it. Just own it.

2) Create Progress NOT Perfection.

None of us are fitness robots. None of us are perfect with diet. We just get back up and keep going. We think hard about what caused us to fail? Did we eat too little for too many days? Did we not sleep e