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Summer is coming!

Will you be ready for your summer clothes? How will you know? Well there are some things that can help you stay focused. Those of us who help people, it's not that we have anything new that has not been learned before. It really isn't anything earth shattering and we don't have to be a fitness model on stage to help you. We don't have to have the perfect physique.

Everyone who I talked to on the phone this weekend (because they joined my Royal Queen Summer Challenge, Royal King for the guys) had nearly the same aha moments regarding their focus. See, that's the thing, there's nothing wrong with all the nutrition calculations. They are sometimes all over the map, but they are all correct calculations.

Calculators miss the "art" side of the nutrition equation. Only people can help with "art", and it comes from the heart. I have the heart for the art and I love seeing people succeed. That's what makes me different. But I have a lot of people to help now, and like the people who need help need to adjust their focus to make it happen this time, well I also need to adjust my focus to help those who are REALLY READY TO COMMIT.

If you are not really ready, they wait until you ARE. People who are not ready fade off and don't finish. NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR YOU.

Anyone who gets the Royal System from my link will get a phone consult with me and help with their focus on what will make it work. This particular challenge is only good until the end of this month, and I will help you stay accountable until the end of next month. I call it a summer challenge because if you want to be ready for summer you MUST START NOW. And you must stay committed until then. And yes the supplements are the best you can get and they will give you a slight edge, but only IF your nutrition and workouts are on point along with water and sleep. It's not necessarily complicated or rocket science, but it requires the right focus. It won't fix eating to low or eating too much. You must have a plan and stick to the plan. If you don't, it won't work. End of story.

If you want to check out the Royal Queen it's here, and if you get it send me an email and let me know and we can chat on the phone and get started right away. And if this challenge is not for you, stay tuned because there will be different challenges all year and I might have one right for you.


Mindset tips for social eating

In the meantime, I'll leave you with some tips for social eating that apply all year round, year after year regarding your health.

Don't explain your diet decisions to anyone. Just a no thank you I'm good, is good enough. You do not owe anyone any explanations. You own it. They don't. You own your body. They don't. You are the one who has to live with your HEALTH the rest of your life. Not them.

Oh and don't make a scene about your diet. Just own it and do it. No hangry BS, no woe is me crap. Just own it. Be decisive. You know what you want for yourself, just freakin do it. No one else deserves a hangry attitude from anyone, everyone has their own battle to fight and you are more helpful to the world if you don't project yours.

If you can't control your eating at social events start saying no to some of them. I totally realize there are some we can't get out of, but, just think about it. You don't have to go to every single party or outing you are invited to and you do not have to explain why! Maybe you have some important goals to achieve, you do not have to explain the details of all your life to everyone. Just own it.

Look up your food energy values BEFORE YOU EAT. This is so easy to do with phone apps. Come'On, don't be lazy. You know you can glance around, see what is there to eat, and make a plan. You do not have to eat all the things! You can choose a carbohydrate with dinner and no dessert. You can choose wine instead. Make it all fit like a puzzle.

Focus on mostly protein and veggies and water, not a lot of heavy sauces, carbs, and sugary desserts. Have those is small limited quantities. If you want a little taste of hors d’oeuvres have one small bite of everything. You don't have to keep going back for more.

Whatever you do, just freakin OWN IT. It is no one elses fault. If you over eat you can't fix it by fasting the next day. It can't be fixed in one day. Just do what you gotta do to stick to the plan.

Enjoy life, have fun. Food is not the enemy, it is meant to be enjoyed. But you can't have all the things every freakin day.

I hope you are enjoying spring this year, it's still snowing at our house in the mountains!


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