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How does saying NO to cake make you BOLD?

The piece of cake is a fork in the road. It's worth it to say no 9 out of 10 times. When you learn how to do that, and prove you can for a long time, you can learn to do new things and be bold. When you learn to be bold, people who are not bold won't like you.

They say you are vain, or they might just think it without saying it. Or they will say things to you that hint to the fact that they think you are vain. They won't realize that you are leading others to be bold. You can't hide behind "vanity" and be a leader who leads from the front.

No, you won't be perfect. Yes, you will take arrows.

But still, it's worth it to say no 9 out of 10 times to the cake. I don't care if you don't like cake. You still must say no to FILL_IN_THE_BLANK however many times. You still must have discipline in some area.

Notice that it does not require perfection. It merely requires that you say no often enough to find the balance that allows you to achieve your goals and still live life.

Whatever that area is that you need discipline, that's your fork in the road. Learning to have some visual horizon that shows you how you will feel and what the consequences are for that decision at the fork - that's where you take the path to boldness.

Don't apologize for the light you shine.

Don't dim your light to make others comfortable.

Why does it matter?

Who's going to learn to be bold with me?

Contact me if you have questions or need help, we always have a fitness challenge going. You can always contact me via EMAIL.

PS I'll be having Nibbles Fitness T-shirts with my logo on the front, available soon, who wants one? Let me know.


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