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Fat Loss and Weight Lifting Tips (episode 1)

Would you like to know the most effectively way to lose body fat and gain muscle tone at the same time? Well then, keep reading...

In the video I talk about how much should you lift and why lifting is good for you when you are on a calorie deficit for fat loss and the difference between anabolic and catabolic processes in the body:

Maintenance is what your body needs to stay the same and never lose. Anything over that is how you gain weight. Some days you might eat under, and other days over. If it's too much over that is how we gain weight or get frustrated because we stay the same.

For fat loss the trick is to stay at maintenance, but also have most days during the week UNDER maintenance to lose fat. If done consistently this is like paying off a debt. It happens slowly over time, just like paying off a mortgage debt. It is the consistent payments that pay it off.

What matters is the calories at the end of the day in the 24-hour period, extend that out 7 days, 30, 60, and 90 days for results.

Fat loss is catabolic. This is counter-balanced by weight lifting which is anabolic.

Also see: How many calories for fat loss.

Vitamins are LIFE. A little history about vitamins ... vitamin means "life giving". Vita means life, vitality, vivacious. Over time in history people found that these were compounds that gave life to people who had them and death to people who did not have them; lack of thiamine (B1) causes beriberi, lack of vitamin A causes blindness, lack of vitamin C causes scurvy, lack of vitamin D causes Rickets, etc.