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This is my beautiful friend Kerry. I met Kerry a few years ago and when she did the Venus Workout always said she wanted to win a crown. Well she did! She has struggled a lot over the years with weight management.

Kerry stepped out of her comfort zone big time and won big time. 🔥🔥🔥 She took it all today at the Nevada County Cornish Christmas pageant; Queen Diamond 2017/2018. This is about giving to the community. Inner beauty and giving.

Not only that but she won Miss Congeniality for helping others throughout the entire process. Doing whatever it takes to help others achieve.

She had fear and doubt. She came to me when she was trying to decide to take this step out of her comfort zone. Of course I said go for it. But we don't always have to announce it to world right? We can guard and protect some dreams within a protective circle.

I'm super proud of Kerry. I know how hard it was for her.

Now she will move on and take it to the next level. Because we never just stand like a statue reveling in accomplishments. We pause, celebrate, and move to the next thing that keeps us alive. Alive, and full of life, and love. 💙💚💛 You can see more of Kerry here and I strongly encourage you to follow her if you want a continuous dose of positive energy and love and light. You can contact her at the top of her website which she uses to help empower women by helping them have their best beautiful hair.

We finished the Thanksgiving challenge and I'll be giving out some prizes. So many wanted to keep their pictures private so I'll be chatting with everyone to get them their prizes and make sure they get something they can really use or want to continue their lifestyle journey. I've always said, it's a lifestyle not a contest, so let's keep going!

I've already started a 30 day challenge starting last Monday and we are now on day 12, but I'm actually going to keep going until the New Year. Who would like to keep going? I'm not stopping at day 30. If you've seen me over the years you know that I NEVER STOP! Come along when you are ready.