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This is my beautiful friend Kerry. I met Kerry a few years ago and when she did the Venus Workout always said she wanted to win a crown. Well she did! She has struggled a lot over the years with weight management.

Kerry stepped out of her comfort zone big time and won big time. 🔥🔥🔥 She took it all today at the Nevada County Cornish Christmas pageant; Queen Diamond 2017/2018. This is about giving to the community. Inner beauty and giving.

Not only that but she won Miss Congeniality for helping others throughout the entire process. Doing whatever it takes to help others achieve.

She had fear and doubt. She came to me when she was trying to decide to take this step out of her comfort zone. Of course I said go for it. But we don't always have to announce it to world right? We can guard and protect some dreams within a protective circle.

I'm super proud of Kerry. I know how hard it was for her.

Now she will move on and take it to the next level. Because we never just stand like a statue reveling in accomplishments. We pause, celebrate, and move to the next thing that keeps us alive. Alive, and full of life, and love. 💙💚💛 You can see more of Kerry here and I strongly encourage you to follow her if you want a continuous dose of positive energy and love and light. You can contact her at the top of her website which she uses to help empower women by helping them have their best beautiful hair.

We finished the Thanksgiving challenge and I'll be giving out some prizes. So many wanted to keep their pictures private so I'll be chatting with everyone to get them their prizes and make sure they get something they can really use or want to continue their lifestyle journey. I've always said, it's a lifestyle not a contest, so let's keep going!

I've already started a 30 day challenge starting last Monday and we are now on day 12, but I'm actually going to keep going until the New Year. Who would like to keep going? I'm not stopping at day 30. If you've seen me over the years you know that I NEVER STOP! Come along when you are ready.

I'm running it in one of my FB groups and I've also created a blog in my forum In addition to this group I've created a private blog for the few of you who like that old style forum.

For the Forum challenge, I will only accept requests for the forum for those who I trust, also it's for ladies only, and it's not a place for "looky lous only", if you really want to discuss things and interact and support with others email me and tell me about it. I want to keep it alive by being active there myself.

Anyone who wants to join my challenges needs to sign up on the Membership Site. There are some amazing tools there I use to help you achieve your goals -- it costs nothing and you don't have to participate in the contest, but this gives you access. You will get an additional email with a login to registration. Your name won't show up in my dashboard until you complete the registration. The height and weight must be in even numbers (no decimals). The sign up is FREE (even though you go through the checkout) just scroll down to the free membership button.

I will be submitting my pictures around the 25th of November and December and I started my before mini transformation (since I'm able to train again) on November 1st. We do this because they pick new winners on the 1st of every month, all year. It doesn't matter when you start, but you NEED TO START SOMETIME.

If you are ready this whole program will be starting fresh again probably mid January. I'm always here for you.

It's Black Friday, it's the day after Thanksgiving in the USA, and you might be feeling a little down and defeated, but you can shake that off right now.

I have learned to take ownership and never give others ownership of what I put in my body or when and why I choose to go to the gym. Not depriving is a huge key. But when I decide to indulge - it is 100% something I own.

Don't bow down to peer pressure. We all lose some willpower enough on our own without the help of others, whether they be well meaning, loving, malicious, or just freakin don't get it.

Make your own rules. Save the day when and if you want.

It doesn't feel good to stuff yourself over the max. You don't have to do it.

But if you did, no worries, it is not the end of the world. Trust me it's not. But if you want your goal it has to stop. There is no way to sugar coat that.

Deep breath. Little steps. Nothing drastic. You do not have to starve yourself. You do not have to eat 1000 calories a day to make it happen. Anyone can lose weight that way. Who actually sustains over the years though?

Fasting has it's place but it is not the fix all for every time you over eat. It can still backfire. Slow consistency works every time if you don't say "But it takes too long" and then give in to fear, doubt, peer pressure, and impatience

Alright, who's going to be a New Year Queen with me? Let's do this!


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