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Fitness Success during the Holidays - YES!

You can! Sometimes you need a little help and support and that’s okay.

I’m wrapping up the Thanksgiving Challenge on the 20th and I’m super excited to give away some prizes, customized to the individual winners. If you are in that challenge make sure to send my your BEFORE and AFTER pictures, measurement data, and a few words about how it went. From those will be the prize winners.

Let’s keep going with the 30-day holiday challenge starting tomorrow.


NEW CHALLENGE – 30 Day Holiday Challenge

There are two parts to the challenge:

  • Thirty days of motivational tips, discussions, Q&A and fun things planned in the Facebook group. You will have access to the group when you sign up and register.

  • Before and After pictures which do not have to be posted in the Facebook group. Those are to be entered on the 1st Phorm TransPhormation dashboard, instructions below. You can submit pictures at the end of November and the end of December so you actually have longer than 30 days to make a change and win.

  • NOTE: You do not have to submit pictures, you can simply do the first part if you are not comfortable taking pictures. If you do take picture - they are PRIVATE, only you and I will see them.

The first step is you sign up for the free membership and you will get an additional email with a login for registration. Your name won't show up in my dashboard until you complete the registration. The height and weight must be in even numbers (no decimals). The sign up is FREE just scroll down to the free membership button.

You register you will have meal plans, workout plans, and a lot of great material. Take your time and browse through them. Check out the Eating Plan/Nutrition Guide as this is your key to success. I want you to really get it! Eating right is going to make all the difference in your results.

In your dashboard there will be your tools with how to enter your pictures and print the “Day 1” card, MEASUREMENTS, and STARTING WEIGHT. You don’t have to share them right away but please enter them with your pictures (this is private, between you and I) – until you win and you will be so happy you won’t care about the before pictures anymore. I promise you won’t regret taking the pictures and measurements! I did it too, I know it’s HARD but I’m walking with you, here’s my entry pictures and how I felt. I will be documenting my progress HERE ON YOUTUBE.

The before pictures can be taken NOW, and then again November 25th and December 25. You have two months to make a change with pictures, so let’s DO THIS!

*You must print the day 1 cards and hold them up with all three pictures (front, side, back).


How to take pictures when you are by yourself:

How to take measurements and pose for pictures:

I'm am excited to start posting tips and motivation and meals and planning on Monday. Let's do this!


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