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Feeling disappointed with fitness goals?

This is me getting to the gym and finally able to lift weights again (last night).

But I digress, let's get back on topic...

Feeling disappointed with fitness goals?

Or overwhelmed? Or that it's hopeless and impossible? Like you are losing and gaining the same weight over and over and over? Okay, take a deep breath because some of that is just part of life:

You tend to think it's just YOU. That something is wrong with you. That you have emotional eating problems. That your problem is that you love food. And the negative thoughts creep in.

See that's the battle really, the negative thoughts. The thinking you have to do it perfect. The ALL-or-NOTHING mindset.

The truth is we all have to roll with the seasons. Even the holidays. It's not just the holidays, it's the summers, the weddings, the graduations, the birthday parties, the work events, the life events, on and on and on. Forever really.

Many of my amazing ladies are finishing up the Thanksgiving Challenge in my forum and it's been hard for them too. They all struggle. I struggle too. But the thing is, we all have to battle those negative thoughts and PICK ONE THING. Every day, just one thing. Once day it could be workouts, even 15 minutes. The next day it might be better choices at meals (more fruits and veggies, less fat and carbs) and just keep it simple. Maybe it's a coffee with cream instead of a fat and carbohydrate filled fancy coffee drink.

I finally finished the 90 day hernia ordeal, although some of it is ongoing. The doctor said it might take a full year to completely heal even if I can start slowly lifting again. Last night towards the end of my workout I had some little twinges with the injury reminding still today that I need to go slow. See, even I have to be reminded that it does not have to be all or nothing!

I thought of something positive to say every day for the entire 90 days and it's kind of fun because I can see that I lost a little body fat just randomly looking at some of the videos: The YouTube Hernia Vlog.

Fat loss is more about the energy in. Unfortunately that means the evil word calories. Even for me, I don't get a free pass. I'm guilty of just eating and logging after I eat, then when I log it I realize I went over. Again. And again and again. And I can fall into the trap of saying "Well tomorrow is a new day!" That is true. It is. But I finally have fix that cycle because we can say that every day for the rest of our life and stay in the same spot.

It's hard work to FIX IT. And we still won't do it perfect. Not even me. I have those negative thoughts creep in. Nearly every day. I have to choose to push them aside and PICK ONE THING that will be my victory. One small thing. Just one every day to keep me going. Not all or nothing. Not perfection.

Consistency with food is the most important. Last night I looked at my 30 day graph. I look at it often, along with the 90 day graph. Why? Because I am where I am right this moment as a result of the last 90 days. For fat loss calories in are the biggest factor. It's why I say focus on the food scale, NOT the body weight scale. If you do, the results will come. That is, if you don't fall into the "Well tomorrow is a new day" trap like I sometimes do.

My maintenance is around 1500-1600 so as you can see, I walk the fine line I always talk about. The red line is 1400 and I rarely go slightly under that. This is that calorie tightrope I always talk about. If we go too low, then those peaks get even higher. The slow consistency is actually what gets us to our goal. It requires so much patience it hurts. Does it make sense?

We have two more weeks in the Thanksgiving challenge is over on the 20th. Those in it don't you dare give up! I do plan on giving out some Thanksgiving prizes so please post your before and after collage pictures in the forum along with the changes in numbers since you started it.

To help you keep going I'm also starting a 30 day challenge next Monday so we can all continue on, you know, roll with life like I always say. We roll with life. We roll with the seasons. We roll up our sleeves and deal.

NEXT MONDAY I'm starting the "Thirty Day Christmas Challenge" I'll be posting something helpful every day the TransPhormer FB group. Anyone who wants to take pictures and submit them and do this with me is welcome. I actually submitted I entered the front/side/back (I held held the card up in all three pictures) and entered, you can take a peak at them here.

I WILL HAVE PARTICIPATION PRIZES in the "Thirty Day Christmas Challenge". All you have to do is participate in the daily discussion posts to be eligible. There will be other prizes for those who submit before and after pictures on the challenge website. You are always welcome to post in any of my groups.

I am documenting personal TransPhormation Challenge journey in a new YouTube playlist.

I won't be posting there every day like before, I'll post once or twice a week and as always I'll always give some little tidbits of something useful.

The only requirement for the challenge is signing up for the free membership and then it gives you access to the two FB groups that are important for this little start on your journey: The free membership sign up is here.

See, we can all do this!


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