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Do you ever feel like an impostor in your own skin?

Ever feel like you are an imposter? Like you are not good enough? Well that is not true. Those are lies. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH so don't you dare give up. It causes self sabotage.

Not only does this happen when you've lost a lot of weight, but it happens when you've been through tragedy. It happens when you start becoming successful at anything. You have a fear of being exposed as a "fraud", but it's all a lie and it's based on your own insecurity. It's a LIE. It affects both men and women in equal numbers. It's called the impostor syndrome.

You can become convinced that you don't deserve the success you have achieved. You can dismiss it as luck, timing or as a result of deceiving others into thinking you are more intelligent and competent than you believe yourself to be. . Again it's a LIE.

Once again I say; don't believe the lies. The world is full of them. You deserve success and happiness as much as the next person. You worked hard and you earned what you have, so don't believe the lies.

The Thanksgiving Challenge


We are going into week 6 of the Thanksgiving Challenge now. Are you feeling like you can't do it? Or that you are self sabotaging yourself because you don't see it really happening? Then make yourself a vision board and start doing some research on what a vision board is. You are not alone. We all need a vision board and it can be placed everywhere you spend time.

Are you having trouble with a weight loss plateau? Or trouble with daily consistency with nutrition? If so here's a tip you might not realize. If you are eating below 1300 calories it will slow down your metabolism. The taller you are the bigger your metabolism so this same problem could happen under 1400-1500 for taller women. There is some true science behind the metabolism slowing down and you can read about in simple terms, it's called the Minnesota Starvation Experiment.

The other common problem with eating below 1300 is that it actually cause spikes in eating and an unstable eating pattern. The unstable eating pattern causes you to plateau with fat loss. For taller women this pattern will happen when you attempt to eat below 1500.

I'm 5 foot tall and here's a chart where I struggled with this problem back in 2013, especially in August that year.

What works better is a pattern like this (see you don't have to be perfect, just more consistent):

If you want that kind of consistency you need a nutrition plan. No one gets there by winging it. You just need the right amount of foods you enjoy. The meal plan needs to be written out BEFORE you eat. You need a plan each day and you need to stick to the plan.

You need slightly more protein on a deficit compared to maintenance, and you need enough carbs as well or your metabolism will slow down and you won't feel well, and again you will have irregular eating patterns instead of consistency.

If you don't remember your maintenance calories, it's listed here.

If you need help, ask for help. The only way to solve problems is to put them out on the table to look at.

Let's do this!


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