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Happy Saturday and Soup Recipe

Happy Saturday, let's keep going. You CAN use a little discipline with food this weekend. You can! Decide to have a little taste of everything and THAT IS ALL. Decide! Have some pictures or Memes on your phone to look at to remind you WHY you make the choices. A vision. A mnemonic. Your WHY. What is your WHY. Make it BIG in your mind. Keep your eye on the prize.

Place one cup of water and one cup of broth in a medium soup pot. Add curry powder or paste, garlic, salt, pepper, and any other spices you like. Add previously cooked chicken and vegetables, diced according to size you like in soup.

Add the noodles and simmer until they are soft, less than 10 minutes.

And for those of you who want to know WHY the Post Workout Protein you are taking WORKS, here is just a little of the science behind it:

Workouts and hard training sessions may leave athletes with substantially reduced or depleted liver and muscle glycogen stores. Glucose molecules are needed to re-form the glycogen chains. Insulin plays an important role by facilitating uptake of glucose into muscle cells and by activating the enzyme the enzyme responsible for glycogen resynthesis, glycogen synthase. A substantial amount of research supports the following: To maximize the rate at which muscle glycogen is replaced, carbohydrate should be consumed as soon after the exercise bout as possible.

Studies show that waiting as little as 2 hours after exercise to begin consuming carbohydrate will significantly slow the rate of muscle glycogen resynthesis. This is the one situation in which the consumption of high-GI foods in the post exercise recovery period can enhance the resynthesis of muscle glycogen.

This is where 1st Phorm Ignition is the best monosaccharide to do this job. Also important is to consume “pre-digested” protein (1st Phorm Phormula-1) to aid in reducing protein breakdown and stimulating protein synthesis during recover from exercise. The Post Workout Protein and Carbohydrate combination is here, if you scroll down in the link you will see the ingredient label.

For longer endurance sports muscle glycogen usage can become depleted. A study was done (Muscle glycogen utilization during prolonged strenuous exercise when fed carbohydrate. Journal of Applied Physiology). Well-trained competitive cyclists rode at a hard-aerobic intensity while consuming either a carbohydrate drink or a placebo beverage. Muscle glycogen utilization was the same regardless of the carbohydrate intake during the ride. When consuming the placebo, the cyclist fatigued at the 3-hour time point, but when they consumed carbohydrate, they could maintain this exercise intensity for an additional hour.

The Intra Workout Carbohydrate and Electrolyte drink is here, if you scroll down on the link you will see the ingredient label.

The meal replacement protein is here and you can also scroll down in the link to see the ingredient label.

With any of this, please feel free to contact me for questions in comments or email me.

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