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Don't throw away all your hard work this weekend!

At this point some of you in my little Thanksgiving challenge will wonder WHY you signed up to do something like this? Well you ARE doing something good because everyone else in society is simply giving up until January. The thing is, none of us do our fitness journey in a straight perfect line. It’s really all about the awareness of food intake and moving a little more. What you are doing RIGHT NOW is where the rubber hits the road. It will always come down to that. You do not have to throw away all your hard work this weekend with too much food. Keep your awareness. It’s extremely easy to lose your awareness and here is why.

I went to the doctor yesterday and did my little wimpy Flex Friday (my day will come again!), but I talked about mindset and the focus on the process and NOT the results (that comes much later). If you keep the focus always on the process it will serve you well for life. The food scale not the body weight scale!

Alright, as I said in the video , you don't have to throw away all your hard work you earned this week by eating too much this weekend. You can save the day any time. You CAN! Anyone can. Don't give me that "can't" BS, those are lies!! lies lies lies. Will you believe the lies? If you do I can't help you, but that's what they are. I do KNOW. Oh yeah I know about lies too. Food and stress! This is the hardest part for everyone. You are not alone. Stress makes us all hungry and all stress is cumulative. Everyone in modern society right now has stress, unfortunately is it part of our lives and we all have to develop strategies to deal with it. There is nothing wrong with you specifically, this struggle is built into every single human being. We all gravitate towards comfort foods when stressed. It is the human condition. So much of the time when you think you are hungry for food you are really hungry for comfort. Love, hugs, sleep, warmth, or just relief from stress.

Try writing down your feelings and see if there is something else you can do instead – I bet you will find it. Start finding your comfort away from food. Maybe create windows of time where you don’t eat and focus on this thought. Here are some tips on thinking about WHY you eat what you eat.

Stress causes the hormone leptin to drop and the hormone ghrelin to increase. The drop in leptin makes you less satisfied with food so you always want more. The increase in ghrelin makes you more hungry. Since we are all human this is what happens. When I have too much stress (pretty much every day for me) I have to remind myself to eat my allotted portions. Then as soon as I’m done eating (I always want more!) I have to remind myself I can have more next time. Then I drink a big glass of water and "get the heck out of dodge" (away from food, away from the kitchen, etc) and immediately get involved in a chore or work project. I focus all my thoughts on the work and soon I immersed in my work. Reduce stress when you have control to do so. If you have the choice to do something when you should be getting some sleep, see if you change your decision to sleep instead. Twenty ways to eliminate stress from your life.

Notice how important sleep is. Lack is sleep is the biggest stress on your body. One of the biggest keys with the healthiest people on earth who have lived the longest with the best quality of life is good SLEEP (along with food moderation). I take my C-21 on a regular basis to help with this. Feel free to email me to ask about this and any of the ingredients or why it works (even when you THINK you already sleep well).

As you think about what you say this week in your forum posts, think about your quality of sleep, stress, and WHY you choose the foods you eat and write about it for the others. I"m really proud of you all, you are bucking the trend in society. It DOES MEAN SOMETHING that you joined the challenge and invest in yourself. It matters! Don't forget to post your calendars and charts! It matters too!

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