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Why you should go for that walk!

It's so easy to get caught up in doom and gloom thoughts. Brush that aside and go for that walk!

Why? Because it increases your mitochondria and blood vessels and THAT makes you a better fat burning machine. I know I always say never treat your body like a machine. But it's important to know that it's a good reason to ditch that "all or nothing" mindset. If all you can do is walk for 20 minutes then go for that walk!

Not only does it gradually do these "fat burning" changes as your body adapts over time, but it gives you some feel good hormones to boost your mood and ward off depression.

Oh yeah, I know about depression too. Most of you who know me know I've had my share and still do, of life's tragedies.

We just keep fighting the good fight!

So here's the slides from the lecture today in Nutrition class, these were presented by the professor. CHO stands for the Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen molecules that make up Carbohydrates so it's often used as the abbreviation.

Like I said in the video, you increase your mitochondria. Those are the powerhouse of the cells in your body, here is a beautiful video about that:

There's your REASON. Don't you want more beautiful powerhouse cells in your body?

Also, even though we don't really count "calorie burn" to lose body fat when we have a lot, you do burn energy and that is what calories are; energy. The main reason we don't "count" it when we have significant body fat is because how much food energy is merely an estimate and most of us have a hard time getting the estimates right. It's kind of an art to learn to listen to your body. Sometimes you need a little more energy, others times you can get through the day with less. No machine or calculator is going to give you that. You use your estimates and you listen to your body and over time you learn.

Here's another slide from class shows what effect you can have with your exercise: