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We all fall, it's what you do after the fall

In all aspects of life we all fall, the question is who gets back up. Do we choose to wallow in doom and gloom thoughts and negativity? Or do we brush it off, get up, and take some steps forward? You see, that is the only difference between someone who succeeds and someone who does not. You don't have to have special powers and skills. You do have to brush aside negative thoughts. You are not the only one with all these negative thoughts. We all have to work against the "negativity bias" built into the human mind (leftover from the ancient times when it was needed for survival).

You make the EFFORT to count your victories and you move forward with positive thoughts. It's a habit to do this every day. It doesn't come natural to people. The only difference between people who appear to be happy all the time and those with a constant doom and gloom over their heads is this choice to make that little effort every day.

You might have to weed out people who are negative and pulling you down and this "weeding" continues throughout your life. Everything you do now is a constant slight effort, for the rest of your life, the people, the chores, the working on mindset, a forward moving momentum of steps in a sustainable manner. You rest and sleep when you need to, but you keep going.

Even I have a bad day, often enough, even though I don't always talk about it as I don't want to send out negative vibes. I will say just enough to let you know, yes, me too. We are in this battle together.

Weekends can be the hardest so don't let this stop you. First of all you can save the day if you want. You are never doomed by your choices. You can stop mid stream, or you can wait until tomorrow. But you don't have to wait until tomorrow! Or if you wait until tomorrow you don't have to keep the string of bad choice days going. You are where you are at as a result of the last 90 days. What will you do to make the next 90 days better?

For those in my Thanksgiving challenge, here is the tutorial on how to create a recipe in myfitnesspal:

And the tutorial is also (the forum is for my active clients only) in the forum for the members.

It always works best with planning!

Have a great weekend!

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