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Why do we choose the foods we eat?

FIRST, who won the prizes for the last challenge?

Netty - X bar System

Nancy - Smith Shaper

Laurie - C 21

Amanda - $50 cash

Vicki - 25 1st phorm and 25 cash

Roseanne - 25 Amazon and 25 cash

So if you are one of those winners EMAIL ME and I'll get you in touch with Stacy who organized all of the prize donations. If you donated a prize and want me to do a write-up page on you just let me know or reply to the email I sent you about this :).

The video is important for those in my Thanksgiving Challenge:

People choose foods and drinks for five basic reasons; appearance, taste, health, cultural and religious values, physiological and social needs, and budgetary concerns. When people choose a food, they evaluate it consciously or unconsciously, primarily by how it looks, smells, tastes, feels, and even sounds. How a food or beverage affects the senses is more important than other criteria. SIGHT: The eyes receive the first impressions of foods; the shapes, colors, consistency, serving size, and presence of any outward defects. Color can denote ripeness, degree of dilution, and how much it was heated. Black bananas, barely yellow lemonade, and scorched macaroni send visual signals that may alter choice. Clovers can be deceiving; if the colors of two identical fruit flavored beverages are different, people may perceive them as tasting different even though they are exactly the same. People may judge milks fat content by the color. If the color of reduced fat milk is improved it will be judged as a higher fat content, smoother in texture, and better in flavor than the reduced fat milk with the original color. The colors of food on a plate contributes or detracts from the appeal.Imagine a plate with baked fish, mashed potatoes, boiled cabbage, and vanilla ice cream. Then compare that to a nicely browned chicken breast, sweet potatoes, green peas, and blueberry cobbler. Most people would prefer the chicken plate based on sight appeal. ODOR: Smell is almost as important as appearance. TASTE: Taste is usually the most influential factor in choice. But what is being tasted? A combination of volatile and nonvolatile compounds dissolved in each taste bud on the tongue. Taste relies on the taste buds connection to the brain (sour salt sweet bitter,savory) FLAVOR includes both taste and aroma. Sensory evaluation of foods actually involves APPEARANCE, FLAVOR, TEXTURE, and MOUTHFEEL.

TEXTURE and MOUTHFEEL are also very important. Some people don't like the texture of certain foods, or it reminds them of something they disliked as a child. Try when you eat to think of all of these things and WHY you are choosing your foods for the day. Slowing down and thinking of sensations with each bite and why you like and choose your foods will help you think about future choices. Keep a journal and write down WHY you chose the foods you chose today.

Those of you who are in my Thanksgiving Challenge are welcome to comment in the forum ON THIS SUBJECT (Why you choose foods) and I'll respond to your comments there.