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The ThanksGiving Challenge

So fun that I'm still in this magazine, THANK YOU Victoria. Motivation does not come from someone else, it only comes from within YOU. So you must do this in little steps. Victoria knows this and has had to face a lot of adversity in her life and she is a sister in BLUE with me as a former police officer.

Victoria's luxury Magazine is called The Victoria Napolitano Group Chic Fitness and this is page 26 and here's the link to the beautiful magazine.

My future challenges will be for only those people who are really committed and it will be an exclusive support group (NOT on FB) only for those who have signed up. This will include individual coaching from me, help with customizing meal plans and workouts, and chat room hours.

WE WILL STILL RUN LITTLE MINI CHALLENGES IN THE FB GROUPs with those who are active, like Stacy L. Martin, Nancy Henn, Carey Lynn Tyndall, Laurie Westheimer, Netty Varo and many others still do. I will remain as active as always in my FB groups. The other more formal challenges are merely a step up in the game for me as wall as those who participate. There will always be more!

I talked about motivation a little yesterday in my YouTube Vlog:

The Nibbles Fitness 10 Week Thanksgiving Challenge

Starts September 11 - Ends November 20

just in time to deal with Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays. It can give you some skills you can use during that time, you don't have to let yourself go completely. There is such a thing as maintaining and THAT is a WIN. An in-depth coaching registration form must be submitted by September 4th or ASAP before Sept 11.

- Exclusive closed support group for participants only

- Chat room hours

- Customized help with meal plans and workouts

- Mandatory weekly check in’s

- Mandatory assignments each week

- If assignments and check ins are not completed, you are not eligible for the prize.

- Prize will depend on number of