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And the 2017 Nibbles Fitness Summer Challenge Winners are...

The Nibbles Summer Challenge Results are in. Notice how all six women of various ages lost 3 inches in their waist and the weight and height varies! The waist circumference is a better indicator of fat loss than the body weight scale!


Now, some will laugh at the slow rate of change but this is the reality of how it really goes. Women especially do not lose body fat FAST and when they do, they usually REBOUND.

I talk about the slow consistency all the time because it's the truth. I've been running challenges like this for years and it is the same for the fitness companies I've done work for. I've seen hundreds of rebounds and yo-yo's and it makes me very sad. I've also seen that hundreds register for challenges yet never finish. It's always only a handful of people who stay committed.

Mainly, I want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE if you didn't stay committed. You are literally among hundreds who struggle. Even those who finished struggled hard to get that little bit of change!

I know it's also hard to make the commitment. I talked about why that is in my YouTube Vlog yesterday:

The prizes for this last summer challenge are:

I need to have the core team of challenge helpers help decide who gets which prizes. We'll interact with the winners to see what they want as well.


FUTURE Challenges

There is still the FREE 1st Phorm challenge (no purchase required!) going on all year. You can select me as a coach there and I will help you on the site. If you want help with this challenge Email me.


My future challenges will be for only those people who are really committed and it will be an exclusive support group only for those who have signed up. This will include individual coaching from me, help with customizing meal plans and workouts, and chat room hours. Nibbles Fitness 10 Week Thanksgiving Challenge

Starts September 11 - Ends November 20

  • An in-depth coaching registration form must be submitted by September 4th

  • Exclusive closed support group for participants only

  • Chat room hours

  • Customized help with meal plans and workouts

  • Mandatory weekly check in’s

  • Mandatory assignments each week

  • If assignments and check ins are not completed, you are not eligible for the prize.

  • Prize will depend on number of participants.

  • Fee is $100 -or- your 1st Phorm stack ordered from my (of the top 6 stacks) Legionnaire site.

If you want in the exclusive Thanksgiving challenge Email me for the registration form.


All the FB groups are:

Nibbles Fitness

Roberta's TransPhormers

Nibbles Workout Accountability


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