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The Fat Loss Calorie Tightrope

Ever sat around the table overweight or obese and thought "I'm not eating any more than anyone else here, what is wrong with me?" Oh yeah, been there and done that. Trust me there is a simple answer. Did you see me before at age 48 and 197 pounds (and 5 foot noting tall)? Height matters! The shorter you are the less you get to eat to maintain a fit shape. I know that is not fair, trust me. I know. Since when does a short person only want a half a cup of coffee with half the cream or whatever? That might apply to a big steak.

The fact of the matter is that it isn't exactly proportionate, is it? It's not fair. The short person has the short end of the stick. haha. The truth is we simply have LESS MARGIN of error with food intake. That is why most women need to count macros or calories or measure out food portions. Bigger guys can get away with "Not Counting Calories or Macros". See, they won't "get it" when you struggle. The other thing is guys have different hormones, they can drop weight faster and gain muscle faster. Their bodies are designed to be the protector and provider. Females bodies are designed to retain body fat around the lower body and SURVIVE the species. If course there are exceptions and different individual cases. But this is how it works in general. If you need help figuring out how to determine the right amount of food for you, that's what I do. That's what I specialize in. The basics are easy for me. Some people won't get it still as they are entrenched in modern fads and hormone/metabolism scare mongering. But no matter what, I keep doing what I'm doing because I know the basics work. See there... I've maintained for many years after losing 85 pounds. How many of you have done that? I applaud you if you have, because I know how hard it is. If you want something that helps with your cortisol and thyroid hormones check out the Queen System (but email me for coaching FIRST – I coach anyone who uses this link!) The MALE version is the King because the hormones are different for males, like I already said! FEMALE calorie chart by height How Many Calories to Lose Body Fat?

If you are MALE message me and I have that as well.

The YouTube Play List documentary with the latest daily videos. Sometimes I do GIVAWAYS like in yesterday's video ;)

Let's DO THIS! Let's WIN the day together. I'm in it with you.

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