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How to WIN or LOSE the day?

Before I get into how to win or lose the day, I'm still processing the winners for the Venus Summer Challenge and I need input from you on the next challenge. First, should I even have one, is anyone really serious or committed? The truth is it's a lot of work to run a challenge and hundreds enter yet only a handful finish. Tell me why it's worthwhile to have one. Tell me you will finish.

You know, even the 1st Phorm contest has the same issue with thousands who enter? And years ago when I first started helping John with the Venus company (as an independent contractor) he had tossed his hands up in the air and handed it to me to run. As a guy it was frustrating to him because guys lose more weight faster and make more muscle gains quicker. You can see a bigger difference in the before and after pictures. It's more fun to run those contests and it's not as fun to run one for women.

With women, the truth of the matter the average progress for a 90 day contest is 5-10 pounds and it doesn't show much in pictures unless they are in bikini's and worked hard in the gym 6 days a week and are very close to their goal weight. Women usually have more issues with confidence to overcome.

I think that *IF* I run another challenge I might make an entry fee because that helps you put "skin in the game". That can help you finish. What do you think?

The bottom line is, I'm not going to run a challenge just to run a challenge. You must let me know what you want and that you are committed. None of us have any time to waste unproductively.

Would you enter if there was an entry fee? The fee can be a combination of money used as prizes and/or those who happen to purchase their supplies on my link which they would do again upon the day they enter the challenge. If you want a FREE challenge there is still always the 1st Phorm challenge all year long and they announce winners on the 1st of every month. Submit your pictures the week prior as that is when they look for winners to announce.

How to WIN or LOSE the day?

How do you WIN the day? You can also LOSE the day. Yes, there is such thing as losing. Not everyone wins. You have to decide to win. Winning is small steps every day. It's pushing through the depression and doing it anyway. I'm struggling today. I had a bad day yesterday and today I'm hurting still. My tummy is swollen, well duh, I had open surgery last Friday, I have two sets of stitches internal and external and a foreign object in my tummy that my body is reacting to. People will tell you they KNOW. And they do for sure, but the bottom line is that every situation is different to the individual and their own bodies reaction and their emotional state. You can't grade everything the same. I'm miserable in my condition right now. I feel trapped with a bloated hurting tummy, it's worse now than before the surgery as I was bloated before too. But now I'm bloated even when I don't eat, it's all the freakin time. I can't do two of the most important things to me; lift and be a BadAss, and my Deputy Sheriff reserve job where I volunteer my time, another BadAss thing right? I love being a BadAss, but I sure as hell don't feel like one right now. It hurts me to the core. So, I battle the mindset like YOU have to do. We all have to do it. We all have our battles. Every single one of us. So what will I do? I will write a simple list each day. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Circle W or L at the end of the day. Win or lose.

THINK AHEAD! You MUST WIN THE DAY! You must! I must. If you want to know where I got this book it's here. I don't get any commission or benefits from the book!!! I don't freakin care about that! Or just copy it in your own journal. But if you get the book leave Andy a note letting him know you learned about it from me, or maybe even tell him a few words about what you think of me, I do represent his company. You can leave a note even if you don't get the supplements, it doesn't matter to him about that. He cares about how we are as people regardless of that. I will talked about this winning or losing today in my YouTube documentary. It's a great tie in with yesterdays topic of mnemonics and vision boards.

I show my bloated tummy in the video it all it's glory. I will get though this and I will WIN. I got my list and I plan on sleeping tonight with a victory every dang night until I can step on that body weight scale in the future and see some progress. Staying on track with food is hard for me too!

The documentary YouTube Playlist is here, and no I don't feel like making a freakin video most days. I don't always feel like smiling or saying cheerful words, or making a positive statement. I fight depression and negative thoughts too. But it is a simple task on my list. I will WIN! Come'On and WIN THE DAY WITH ME!

Oh and last time I posted here was BEFORE the surgery, here's the day I took off the bandages and of course I have a short video that day talking about something, I think I had another kitty video bomb that day! The YouTube Play List has that day, it's day 11.

Let's DO THIS! Let's WIN the day together. I'm in it with you. Let me know about the next challenge, I won't have one if I don't hear from enough people. I start college again next Monday. What a way to spend my two weeks off right, hernia surgery? I'm willing to put in the work for a challenge if YOU are willing to put in the work.

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