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Our Dreams are before us!

Our dreams are before us! Tomorrow (Thursday) I go for my pre op EKG and Friday is the surgery. I'm not worried. I'm at peace. I was proud of the fact that for 56 years I have never had any surgery or needed an anesthesiologist but it's time to get over myself! Not all trauma in life require surgery. We all fight and have fought battles not everyone knows about. Some of you have told me about your struggles too and I know how real the struggle is for all of us. I'm documenting the changes in my muscle atrophy as I go along, then later muscle building as I gain it back. Remember, muscle has memory and it will come back quicker once it’s been there before.

Every day I say just a few words about what is going on and I'll be putting them all in a Video PLAYLIST on YouTube. Day 0: I describe what I’m going to do and why the hernia needs to be addressed. Day 1: The dreaded body weight scale! Day 2: The dreaded measurements and pictures (how to). Day 3: Keeping a positive mindset with the focus on the process rather than scale/measurements/pictures (with the kitty video bomb!) — Mainly what to focus on instead of the body weight scale. Day 4: Getting through rough days, push through and appreciate any blessings. Day 5: My calories and cardio due to question from Robin, and find a reason to smile! Day 6: Comparison is the thief of joy, don’t worry about what others are doing, don’t lose focus on what you need to do, fight your battle! It's important to keep a positive mindset while you change your body composition. Especially if you need to lose body fat. It's important to use kind words in your head; you are not fat, you have fat. You are not fingernails, you have fingernails. It's just a problem to solve. If you continue to have negative thoughts, those don't suddenly go away even if you got the perfect body. The time to practice self love is NOW, and then always. Losing weight if you need to won't solve the problem of how you feel inside. If you have a question for me to address in my next video let me know! Feel free to comment on the YouTube videos to say hello or cheer me on.

By the time I write you again - this bump in the middle of my tummy will be fixed! It will sure be nice to have my digestion back to normal again, I spend most of my time bloated, this was morning before food and water.

Don't take these things lightly, no matter how small something seems it's important to check with your doctor. It was nice to get this note from a long time MyFitnessPal friend.

The Summer and Fall Challenges. I have not forgotten the challenge. We have the final entries and I will put it all together and announce it as soon as I’m feeling better next week. The next Challenge is renamed the Nibbles Fall Challenge. I’ve changed the name because more than 50% of the ladies in the group do all sorts of other workouts, or a mixture of other workouts along with Venus and I want everyone to feel welcome. Our mission is the same. To help and support each other in a healthy active lifestyle. Everyone is welcome to post the Venus workouts as well as any other workout, meal plan, food or gym pictures.

The Next Challenge will be the Nibbles Fall 2017: August 28 to November 20. More details will be coming soon.

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