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Last Flex Friday before hernia surgery!

Might as well Flex Friday while I can before the big scar appears in the middle of my stomach next week!

We can appreciate this day and count the blessings in spite of those who don't like you, because in the end who lives your life for you? The few who care are the few who matter. Life is precious.

Each day is precious. And even though the other #selfie pictures were more perfect, this one was the one with the #kitty photo bomb so it's the best and most perfect because even our pets don't last forever and are precious.

The surgery is finally is scheduled for next Friday. I'm so relieved to have this done before the fall semester at the end of the month. Next Monday I get a pre-op EKG and that will be part of documenting this whole adventure. I had an incredible outpouring of love and prayers on my FaceBook posts and it took nearly an hour yesterday to respond to everyone! Thank you!

I only have two weeks before the next semester starts, this is how I get to spend it.

Even though I did not feel like, at all, I did a video stepping on the scale right here in this spot for my YouTube. I talked a little about what the body weight scale can do to your mindset and why I ditched it years ago.

If you want to continue to see the short updates you are welcome to subscribe to my channel on YouTube.

In the previous day 0 video I talked about the hernia a little and why it needs to be taken care of before I can lift weights again.

Oh but funny story about scheduling the surgery. The surgeon said no EKG needed. Haha, it's pretty obvious why right? But the surgery center nurses freaked because of my age and said it must be done. Fine. It will be part of documenting this adventure.

Now you get to see how so not perfect I am. I'm not afraid of that. The video in my backyard was moments after my last picture I posted at the beginning of this post. I'll be doing these short videos and documenting what happens.

I can lose a few pounds of fat and still be healthy so I will try to eat at a deficit; just slightly as that's the way it works best. My maintenance is around 1500-1600 calories because I'm pretty small. That doesn't leave much margin of error as eating at or below 1300 makes me feel sick. I'm lucky if I can eat 1400, so I shoot for 1400-1500 and